a unique valentine’s gift: an engraved watch

Searching for the perfect gift for that special Valentine? Searching for a Galentine’s gift? With less than one month left to pick out the perfect gift, there isn’t much time; but I know a unique Valentine’s gift that would be perfect for that special someone, whether it be that leading woman (or man!) or that irreplaceable best friend for life: an engraved watch.

I’ve partnered with JORD Watches to share some wonderful ideas for the man/woman that deserves a fashionable and unique gift. JORD’s authentic wood watches are handcrafted from raw material and feature a refined design. Some of them even come with options to add a personalized engraving, which is the perfect touch; it’s something to make that special gift meaningful and memorable.

I know that I’d engrave Adam’s with the date of our wedding, since this is our first Valentine’s as husband and wife! However, when I had the chance to browse the site, I couldn’t help but shop for myself. Once my eyes landed on the dark sandalwood and slate shades, I fell in love with the Frankie 35. An extra bonus? It’s a dainty watch and is perfect for that petite woman with small wrists. The face isn’t overwhelming, which is something that’s difficult to find (at least, to me).

If you’re searching for that special men’s watch, I’d definitely recommend choosing one from the Meridian collection. I love the integration of steel and wood. It reminds me of one of Adam’s favorite little rollercoasters (it’s the first wooden rollercoaster to go upside down!) and it’s the perfect blend of natural and industrial. Although this one can’t be engraved, it’s one of the ones I’d consider for Adam.

Seeking his opinion, I got something a little different. Although he likes the Meridian, he prefers the Conway in kosso and midnight blue or the Sawyer in zebrawood and obsidian. Both of these can be engraved and, after consulting with Adam, I’d suggest these options.

Looking for something a little less expensive? Pick up the Frankie (a larger version of the one I’m sporting). There’s an ebony and gold one that would be perfect for that classic, well-dressed man. And, for those that love the Frankie 35 I’m wearing, this is an excuse to match! Not sure about you, but I’m always trying to get Adam to match me!

For those that are searching for the perfect women’s watch, I’d obviously choose the Frankie 35. However, for those that don’t require the tiniest of faces, I also love the Cassia. The thinness of the band is super delicate, adding that perfect, feminine touch. I love their walnut and vintage rose version but am also digging the ebony and sable version too.

If I picked up a watch for the bestie, I’d most likely choose to engrave an inside joke or a milestone we hit, like going to college together or hitting ten years. It’d be a fun reminder and one that would stick with her forever!

So, who out there is thinking of picking out the ever-perfect engraved watch for their valentine (or galentine!)? Before you rush over to the site, enter our GIVEAWAY! You can receive a $100 gift code toward that valentine’s purchase! But don’t fret; if you don’t win, you’ll get 10% off! Either way, it doesn’t hurt to enter!

In order to enter, please click here and fill out the form! Good luck!

Thank you JORD for sponsoring this post.

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