Two Key Benefits of Winc

You all know that I love to test out new recipes, like these pancakes or this pasta. And I’m sure you all know that, deep down, I can’t really cook that well (read all about that here). However, one thing I’m good at? Choosing wine options that Adam and I both love. On most occasions, we have to run out to the store before seeing our friends (either to pick up some wine for our place or grab some for theirs), and we stare at the overwhelming rows of bottles until we pick one – often because of the label, name, or wine region. Well, I’ve started something that can stop those last minute wine runs and the endless staring because there are too many options. Winc, an amazing wine subscription, has all that I could ever dream of. With it, I feel like I’m part of an exclusive wine club, and I’ve come with two key benefits of Winc.


First, we should talk about Winc. As I stated, Winc is a subscription service, not unlike services like FabFitFun or Rent the Runway. After taking a palette profile quiz, Winc helps to select the best wines for you. When I took mine, it suggested that I get three reds and one white wine; then, it suggested a few for me to try. I ended up getting one of the suggested ones, the $18 Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir. It’s delicious (and I never choose a pinot noir when I’m staring at the endless rows of red wines).


Winc wines vary in price, which can affect your overall cost each month. However, there are lots of options and varied pricing The total for the box I chose first was $70, and I’ve got my eye on some wine that would probably total to about the same cost. If you order a box and don’t drink all the wine, skip the next month. This will help with the investment (although, for me, wine is always worth it!).


I mean, let’s face it – I pretty much stated this in the introduction; however, there is nothing like online shopping. I mean, not having to leave the house and feel pressured to purchase something because one of the workers is recommending it is so much easier. Besides, we all have different palette’s and tastes – what one might consider sweet isn’t sweet to the next and so on.

To be honest, if a sommelier isn’t recommending a wine to me, I question it. If I can’t name a few wines that I do like and have the person before me know what I’m talking about then there isn’t much they can do to help me. Then, I’d just go back to my old habit: picking wine based on the label (and how pretty or cool it is).

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I don’t know about you but, when I go to a store to pick up a bottle of wine, I purchase a single bottle. I do attempt to mix it up sometimes but find it difficult when I’m just getting one. I mean, let’s face it, if I’m standing in the aisle, I’m there getting a bottle of the kind of wine I’m craving, whether that be a cabernet or a rosé. I don’t ever wander into the sections with the pinot noir or the burgundy or the other wines I haven’t even heard of yet.

However, with Winc, I had a reason to be adventurous. I was getting four bottles of wine. So, one was a cab and another was a rosé (the Ruza Zinfandel Rosé; they also have some that come in these cool cans!). The other two? I had no idea – I had to get something different. So I went with the recommended pinot and a tempranillo (since I’ve had a glass at a local wine bar and liked it).

After the wine was delivered, I knew that the ease of this was going to keep me coming back for more. Although I’m still working on that first bottle (because Adam’s on a beer kick), I’m super excited to try the others – and I’m so prepped to try even more. I mean, who doesn’t love to test out new kinds/brands of wine? If you happen to be one of those people, like me, you’ve got to try Winc!!

I want to thank Winc for sponsoring this post.

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