travel goal: see all fifty states

So I’ve got this dream to see all fifty states. I’ve been to quite a few already but haven’t been to nearly enough. So, later this year, I’m going to begin making plans to spend a weekend (here and there) in each state.

In some states, I’ll make the obvious choice when choosing the city (obvi I won’t be skipping NYC!) but, in others, I plan to choose, smaller, more quaint areas.

So far, Hawaii and Alaska are far into the future; I’ll be starting out small, heading to states in the southeast, close to Florida; then, I’ll begin venturing outward moving toward the northeast and west/midwest as opportunities arise.

So far, I’m thinking that Charleston is a good start; I’ve been wanting to see Charleston for a looonnng time and, now that Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam has written her Charleston Guide, I’ve got a reason to go – my itinerary has pretty much been created already!

How do I plan on doing this?

I plan on saving money and taking a weekend every few months, depending on how busy I am (and how busy my partner in crime for that trip is).

I’ll choose a state and then choose a city within that state. Then, I’ll work to find lodging and plan an itinerary – all with the help of my trusted partner.

I hope to see some states with my sister, who will FINALLY be out of school later this year (insert screams of excitement here!), and others with my husband.

Is there a deadline?

Ideally, I’d like to visit all of the states within the next ten years but, if ever given the chance, I’d gladly knock them out quicker.

I know that ten years seems like a long time – and believe me, it’s hard to think that I’ll be almost forty in ten years (yikes!) – but I’m attempting to be realistic.

Adam and I tend to travel quite a bit, but that tends to happen during the summertime, when I’m out of school; that way, only one of us is taking off work.

But, if I was only traveling to the fifty states during the summer, it’d be closer to fifty years, which is far too long.

Plus, we’re still working our way through other countries; those take precedence in the summer.

Which state do I want to see the most?

Well, Adam and I have never been to NYC – and, come to think of it, neither has my sister – so I can’t wait to head up there.

Which state do I want to see the least?

Other than a cold state, which I won’t be visiting in the winter – I’m talking about you Alaska! – I’d have to say a state that I know nothing about.

For example, I have no idea what one does in Wyoming, but I still think it’d be nice to visit.

Have advice?

If any of you know of must-see destinations, leave them in the comments below.

Ohhhh yeah and PS: I’m sorry to any family members…I will not automatically come to your city.

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