Three Reasons to Wear ba&sh

When I rent items from Rent the Runway, I never know how the clothes will fit me. I’m pretty petite; I’m five foot one and wear a zero or double zero, depending on the brand or the type of item, and feel as though my legs are quite short. Some items that arrive are too big in the waist or too long – but whenever I order an item from ba&sh, it fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend their clothing (for those that are willing to splurge on their gorgeous designs) and here are three reasons to wear ba&sh.


Obviously, the first reason I’d recommend ba&sh is the fit of their items. I’ve rented both dresses and tops and have never been disappointed. If I find a skirt or some cropped pants, I’d definitely rent those items too.

But, to me, the best part about the fit of their clothes is that, even though I’m super short, the proportions aren’t all out of whack. The waist hits right where it’s supposed to, the hip is right where I want it, and my shoulders aren’t too small or narrow.

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When I log in to Rent the Runway and scroll through ba&sh’s designs, there’s always something I love. Their floral patterns, flow-y silhouettes, and feminine details have me giving major love eyes.

There are few designers that, when I look at their lines, I fall in love with multiple (or all) of their pieces.

But, other than the odd overly flow-y dress, boxy tops, or non-petite jumpsuit (which I only dislike because I know I can’t wear them), I like everything.

I mean, have you checked out their spring/summer collection? I really like a lot of those pieces right now. Their pieces, ranging from their casual tees and denim shorts to their midi dresses and blouses embody my personal style.

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As more and more of my favorite fashion bloggers incorporate pieces from the ba&sh collection into their wardrobes, the more inspiration I can add to my saved posts or pins.

I’ve already been pulling inspo from bloggers like Xenia Overdose and Michelle Madsen of Take Aim. However, when I rented the dress from this post (you can find that here) I pulled inspiration from the ultimate feminine blogger, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. I even tried to emulate her posing (as she’s totally a dress expert!) during our little photoshoot.

Ok, enough about my new favorite designer. What are some designers that you love? And where do you pull your inspiration from?

Let me know in the comments!

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