thornton park district

For those that don’t know Orlando, it’s far more than theme parks. We have various neighborhoods, each with it’s own little culture, and the one that I’m most fond of is the Thornton Park District.

Thornton Park is, in the simplest terms, an eating and shopping district. I get my manis and pedis done, go to the best salon in the world (and the best stylist too – what’s up Wes!), and grab wine and snacks here. There’s a Starbucks and a French Bakery (with legit French women inside), a plethora of delicious restaurants, and a boutique or two. Oh, and there are tons of little juice/smoothie/acai bowl places popping up. I mean, this place is amazing.

And it’s beautiful too!

Thornton Park is right next to the beautiful Lake Eola, a large lake, complete with winding path, swan boats, a fountain, and special events (like MovEola and the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market). A lot of people take a walk around the lake on the weekends or walk their dogs in the evenings. There are swans (hence to swan boats), ducks, geese, and little turtles swimming around out there.

If one were to walk east of the lake, they’d wind up in Thornton Park. We’re famous for Sunday brunch, drunken shopping sprees, and our monthly Wine and Art Walks.

The main street, Washington, is lined with places to relax, drink, or eat. At the end of the little strip is a little fountain and, along the way, there’s tons of art and sights to see.


I told Adam, when we went out exploring on this shoot, that this would be my designated photo locale. I love the various backdrops, the brick streets, the fountain (that totes sprays on you!), and the gorgeous homes that I’ll pretend to visit.

I love living near such a unique and beautiful place, and I hope that you have a place, much like this, to head to after a long week at work or for a close-to-home night out.

For those that have visited Orlando for the theme parks, have you ventured out and into the “real” Orlando? For those that haven’t (or haven’t been here) tell me all about your neighborhood. What makes it special?

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