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I guess that, since I’ve been talking about theme parks, I might as well talk about outfit ideas for them. As I stated in the Theme Park Essentials post, sneakers are a must when it comes to theme-parking in Orlando.

And, even with sneaks, I still think Band-Aids are required. Stick a few in your wallet or back pocket. It beats hobbling around in search of a first-aid center.

Other than sneaks, there’s a plethora of ideas for theme park outfits.

I’ve gathered some inspo from some outfits that I’ve been wearing lately, in hopes of making the chore of picking out your next theme park outfit a little easier.

For the girl that likes sporting a tee, I recommend pairing a loose, comfy tee with a pair of colored shorts. The color adds a little something to the outfit and, if you wear a pair of low-rise shorts, I’d opt to wear the shirt out, tucking it in in the front to add a little shape.

Pairing the outfit with a bold lip and a fun bag ties it all together.

For this outfit, I wore a Halloween-inspired shirt to Halloween Horror nights. See if there’s a fun tee that relates to where you’re going or what you’re doing. I’m not one for wearing big tees, so if I put one on, I’ve got a reason.

For the girl that likes to feel prettier, I’d recommend pairing a pair of high-waisted shorts with a light-colored, loose fitting top. The heat during the days can be unbearable at times. Pairing a loose fitting top with teenie shorts makes things a little bit better.

To make the look a little sportier, wear your favorite sneaks. I slipped on a pair of comfy Nike sneaks with this outfit. I felt like it made it more “theme-park-appropriate” because, let’s face it, we all shoot weird looks at the person that’s wearing wedges or an outfit better suited for brunch.

For the girl that’s always cold, I’d recommend a hoodie. It rains a lot (and sometimes unexpectedly) and a hoodie is a good guarantee that you won’t end up drenched with mascara running down your face.

I love wearing hoodies with a fun graphic tee and a messy pony. Depending on the time of day and weather, both skinnies and denim shorts are great options.

For this trip out, I obvi opted for skinnies.

So, I hope that everyone liked my mirror pics. I’m still giving Adam a break from all the pics he took of me over the summer. As I move forward, I’ll definitely start asking him to take pictures of me again.

In the mean time, I’ll be sporting some mirror pics and some odd attempts at self-portraits.

As the nighttime theme parking ends, I’ll be sure to add some more theme park outfit ideas. There are so many options for cute and comfortable theme park outfits. And, since I’m almost always heading out to a theme park, I’ve got a lot to show you.

So, what kind of girl are you (when it comes to theme park dressing)? Do you want to wear more gym-friendly clothes? Do you prefer always “dressing up”?

Let me know. Comment below and I’ll add outfit ideas into the mix!

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