the tea room experience

Well, ladies and gents, my life is now complete. I have been a part of the tea room experience! The Tea Room is an adorable and super feminine tea room in downtown Orlando. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a tea room (the last, I think, was when I went to the Disney tea room with a friend), and I forgot how much I missed it.

So, to be honest, I stumbled upon this tea room while browsing Groupon. I just made a new friend who (gasp!) also happens to love tea, and, as soon as I saw this, I asked her to go. I called and made a reservation that afternoon.

Needless to say, we were both excited, and on that cold (frigid – according to Orlando standards) morning, I prepped my outfit for both the weather and for tea time. Ok, if it was warmer I totes would have worn a feminine, floral dress. But, instead, I was in denim skinnies, a warm sweater, and duck boots.

When we opened the door and stepped inside, we were amazed at how beautiful it was. The large windows that spanned the front wall let in beautiful, natural light. It painted the white walls and white decor in this hazy, dreamy glow.

The wall of tea cups pulled me in, along with the gorgeous tabletops, and I knew I was in for a treat.

Elisabeth and I settled down to enjoy our afternoon tea, for two. After choosing our teas, we settled in, nomming on the delicious scones, sandwiches, croissants, cookies, and cupcakes.

The spread was beautiful, the tea was delicious, and the conversation was perfect.

Elisabeth and I are both bloggers, which is great because neither of us minded taking pictures of each other. When we stepped inside, the tea room was almost empty, so we “annoyingly” walked around, cameras pointing every which-way.

Overall, The Tea Room Experience was the perfect, girl date locale. The ambiance was perfect, the service wonderful, and the location great.

I can’t wait to test out other great tea rooms around Orlando but am super please with this one. I’d definitely go back!

What about you? Do you like tea?

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