the fashion rules that should never be broken

While a lot of rules are meant to be broken, like mixing patterns and wearing black and brown together – are those even rules anymore?! – there are a few fashion rules that should never be broken.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking – all fashion rules are meant to be broken! – but I totes disagree; and, as we move forward with the rules, you’ll see what I’m talking all about.

Fashion Rule #1: While shopping, there is NO MAYBE.

This is one shopping rule I’ll never break. When I go shopping and try on clothes, I’m able to make a quick decision about what I’m going home with.

How the rule works: When I try something on, there are only two options – yes or no. You either like something enough to get it or you don’t.

This fashion rule has saved me from picking up items that I’ll never wear, which is something I was def. guilty of in the past. I also attempt to make sure that the item can be worn with things that I already have (although this is a rule I’m willing to break).

Either way, I only purchase things that I love, which saves time and money.

Fashion Rule #2: Comfort should never be sacrificed.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve made this mistake too many times to count. Therefore, this is something that I will never, ever break.

Why is comfort something that should never be sacrificed? There is nothing worse than wanting to change out of heels after two hours of strutting around in them or wishing you had brought that jacket when the sunset brings out the cool night air.

And comfort doesn’t have to mean that the outfit isn’t cute, either. Sneakers or flats are perfect with a short dress and are super cute with a midi skirt or dress. Oh, and the outerwear? The next rule will specify the importance of that.

Fashion Rule #3: ALWAYS add a third piece.

If you decide to follow the third-piece rule, the sweater comes with a purpose. Just add a third piece to your outfits to make them more complete.

The third piece could be a blazer or a cardigan. For example, throwing a blazer or cardigan on over a white tee and denim adds a little something extra.  I’d wear some sleek black flats and carry a clutch with the blazer outfit. Glasses and a pair of Converse would be super cute with the cardigan outfit.

You can also add a statement necklace, scarf, hat, or other detail to complete an outfit. Brightly colored shoes can add a pop to an all-black outfit; and a vintage designer bag can add something to any outfit. Oftentimes, I’ll wear a stack of necklaces or grab one of my cute bralettes to show off.

Fashion Rule #4: ONLY wear items that fit.

This should be obvious, but there have been countless occasions where I’ve witnessed someone wearing something that’s ill-fitting or unflattering for their body shape.

Now, I know that people are entitled to wear things that make them feel good – and I’m all for body positivity, I swear – but there’s a fine line between wearing something to make yourself feel good and wearing something that you think makes you look more appealing.

One thing I’ve learned that I just don’t look great in? Bodycon dresses.

My particular body shape looks best in fit and flare dresses. It brings attention to my small waist and hides a few areas that shouldn’t be shown off.

The same thing goes with shoes. I don’t know why, but I see lots of women sporting shoes that are too small or too big for them. First, I don’t get how that’s comfortable (which takes me back to rule two) and, second, that was totes a waste of money.

Fashion Rule #5: Ignore trends and wear what YOU WANT.

This last rule is, to me, the most important. Trends come and go. People should ALWAYS wear what they like, what they feel most comfortable in, and what makes them feel best.

For example, Adam doesn’t care for the loose clothing that I prefer to wear. He likes for things to be a bit tighter, so that he can see the shape of my body; but I will always feel the most comfortable – the most me – in looser clothing.

Another example is one that I learned from a student of mine. She told me about a recent job interview she had – and one where she got the job. To the interview, she ignored the advice of her elders and sported something that she felt comfortable in, something that she said was a bit “rocker”. Remember from above? She got the job.

Now, this rule does not necessarily trump rule four. I still think that things should fit correctly. I just don’t want us all to feel like we have to follow trends. Because we don’t.

Sooo, do any of you follow these rules? Do you have a rule of your own that you won’t break? Comment to tell me below!

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