The End of a Capsule was the Beginning of a Wardrobe

So, ladies and gents, the capsule wardrobe is done. It’s finished – and a little bit ahead of schedule too. Why? Well, I started exploring the world of Marie Kondo. It all started with that little show on Netflix; you know, it’s the one where Marie Kondo helps families renew their love with their things, their homes, and each other. It’s called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and it is an amazing show. And, because of it, my closet has been renewed. So what did Marie Kondo have to do with the end of my capsule wardrobe project? Everything. So here’s the truth: the end of a capsule was the beginning of a wardrobe.

I guess that Marie Kondo is the reason I quit my capsule wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier. I never realized that I should be considering the level of joy that the items in my closet bring me but, now that I have, standing in front of the clothes each morning isn’t hard.

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One of the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe was the stress-free mornings. Finding happiness in the pieces that I already own gives me that same feeling of ease. It’s almost like I have a renewed sense of sight or something. When I stand in front of my closet, I don’t see a pile of “nothingness”. I see a variety of items that have the potential of creating outfits.

I feel like this will also transition into shopping to, and I hope that it will change the way that I do shop. I always know, immediately, whether I like the way an item fits. I know if I am going to get it. But, as I start to ask myself if the item brings me joy, I wonder if anything will change.

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But, knowing that I’ve quit this capsule wardrobe project doesn’t mean that I’ve given up completely. I truly loved having a capsule wardrobe but also feel that the place that I’m at right now, with life and blogging, this is far better. I’m happier with my wardrobe than I’ve been in a long while (happier because I get excited about individual items I have in my closet but not the entirety of it) and I want to keep this going.

For those still interested in capsule wardrobes, please check out some of my other posts, including my essential guide and my travel capsule posts. Oh, and don’t forget my benefits post.

So who out there has seen this show? And who changed their closet or wardrobe because of it?

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