The Best Places to Grab Food in Orlando

Orlando is a great town for those that love food. New restaurants pop up all the time (and no, not chain restaurants either!) and, with our foodie scene increasing, I anticipate even more. The best dates, whether during the morning, afternoon, or night, involve food; so, if you’re heading to town for theme parks or for a concert at one of our various venues, I’ve got a list of some of the best places to grab food in Orlando.

At least once per week, Adam and I venture out into Orlando in search of some good food. We prefer to grab either brunch or dinner, but end up getting lunch sometimes too. When it comes to the dinners in town, few can beat SoCo.

SoCo is a southern contemporary restaurant that puts their spin on traditional, southern meals. For example, there’s a delicious meatloaf that comes with lobster mashed potatoes. There are some “chicken and dumplings” too, which are lobster filled dumplings with chicken and a delicious sauce. I’ve even tried bone marrow (it just tastes like steak) here!

SoCo is a nice place to sit outside. The warm breeze is nice on a summer evening in Orlando. And, with it being quite close to either downtown Orlando or our largest venue, SoCo would be a great first stop on a night before a concert or Magic game.


Adam and I love eating dinner at The Ravenous Pig. This Winter Park restaurant serves small portions (so get dessert too!) but it’s great for a special occasions or one of those fancier date nights.

Each time I’ve been there, the food has been different. I love that the ingredients are locally sourced and fresh. The chefs are excellent and I’ve never had something I didn’t like. Since their move to a new building, I haven’t had dinner there, but I’m sure that the ambiance is still the same – a dimly lit room, candlelight, and hushes whispers as couples cuddle in their booths or friends engage in conversation.

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For those that want a little something else, Adam and I love barbecue. 4 Rivers Smokehouse is a great place to grab a casual bite to eat. We end up grabbing lunch here most often but we’ve considered grabbing their food during dinnertime. Their portions are more than enough for dinner – and it’s oh, so good!

I think this was the first place I was taken to eat in Orlando (my little sister went to college here), and I’ve never forgotten it; because, even though we have a lot of great bbq places, this one is easily my favorite.

Another excellent spot for lunch or dinner? Mamak Asian Street Food. When Adam and I came back from St. Lucia, our bellies full of their Indian-inspired cuisine, we missed nomming on roti. Roti is a flat bread that, when compared to naan (in my personal experience), is thinner and more “flexible”. Mamak does a wonderful job with their roti. We could probably eat it every day.

When it comes to their main dishes, Mamak does a wonderful job with their rice-based dishes. I tend to prefer rice-based dishes so I haven’t tried their other dishes. But I bet they’re delicious!

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Loving these ideas but want to here about brunch instead? I’d point you in the direction of both SoCo and The Ravenous Pig (because their brunch is also delicious).

But we should also discuss a few other options.

One that stands out? Artisan’s Table, which does an excellent job of serving large portions for a little price. Adam loves getting their breakfast sandwich or their chicken biscuit. I love their unique dish, a Japanese bowl filled with sticky rice, egg, bacon, and togarashi. Togarashi is a delicious spice that some might state is spicy.

Another spot that we love is a small, French cafe, called Benjamin French Bakery. This little cafe is on the corner of some cobblestone streets.

It’s proximity to the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market makes it the perfect place to have breakfast on a Sunday morning. Their quiches are delicious, their breakfast sandwiches complete with the perfect portion of food, and their drinks are nice and hot.

One thing I love: their macarons. Yum.

Ok, so let’s be real. There are a ton of delicious options when it comes to food in Orlando. And, I’m sure that I’ll add more as we go. For those fellow Orlando natives, where else should I go?

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