The Best Photo Spots at Universal

Ah, Universal Orlando is one of my favorite theme parks in the area. I’m an annual pass holder and frequent both of the parks. I am an avid HHN goer, a huge HP world fan, and a Universal foodie. There are tons of places to snag snaps in the parks, some are good while others are ok. Well, after having gone there so much, I think I’ve been able to develop a list of the best photo spots at Universal.


First off, Diagon Alley is such an amazing destination. I’ve never been able to stumble into this place and find no one there (if I did, I’d have tons of shots, alone in the middle of the “street”) but, even so, there are various spots for park goers to snag a good shot.

The first spot is right outside the entrance, in front of Number 12 Gimmauld Place. Some can be farther away, like the first photo in this post, or close up.

Once inside, there are various spots! Some of the best are in front of the bright pink exterior of Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop or the orange of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.

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You can even take a shot inside Gringotts. While the lighting isn’t the best in there, the interior is stunning (esp. that chandelier!) and the photos look cool!

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Mel’s Drive In is another great spot for photos. I love this spot, especially when the cars are parked out front. It’s a fun, retro photo spot that I use quite often. A lot of people take spots here but few people sit on the cars. I admit, I didn’t for some time (because I was worried I’d get in trouble!) but I do now.

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While the main Simpsons ride gives me a headache sometimes, I love hanging out in the land. I like grabbing food at the little taco bus/stand and grabbing a drink at Duff’s. I still haven’t picked up one of those giant Lard Lad donuts (I’m not a hugeeee donut eater) but might one day soon. I mean, I have to test out one of Universal’s most iconic snacks!

Other than a snap with some of the characters, which aren’t on my personal list, I like snapping a shot on (you guessed it!) the police car! To be honest, I had to Google this character’s name (even though I watch the Simpsons with Adam). Ok, I sometimes watch it.

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In the little NYC area, there’s a small alleyway that holds fake loading docks and other little storefronts. I love taking snaps in here; however, I have none to share at the moment because the lighting hasn’t been great. This is all because I head to Diagon Alley right away, which affects the time that I end up in the NYC area. The sun is usually in the wrong spot while I’m there, which means that I’ve got to go back soon (so that I can take some shots there to share). For now, you’ll have to trust me!

One of the spots that I won’t be adding to this list is the typical Universal logo shot. I’m not a huge fan of it and, while there are tons of people that take thots there, it isn’t on my personal list of favorites. However, don’t let that stop you from snapping a picture there!

For those that have been to Universal Studios, which photo spots do you think are best?

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  1. Vicki Rutwind

    I want to visit the Harry Potter spots so badly!!!

    • jsmithBlogger

      I’d love to take you around!

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