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I’ve been online shopping for a while. It all started when I decided that I no longer wanted to stand in the long fitting room line with a bunch of clothing items in a bag or hanging over my arm, waiting for countless women to “hurry up”. For those that are tired of trying on clothes or searching through chaotic clothing racks, check out my list of the best online shopping sites for chic and affordable clothing.


Well, as a petite woman, I’ve ordered clothes from various sites, only to have to return them because they weren’t made for someone like me. A lot of the stores I’m about to list have petite options or I’ve learned, through process of elimination, that the clothes fit me – all the time.

These are stores that I shop at, so the clothing is affordable, and I’m able to find items that match my personal style, which I define as a mix of casual and boho chic.

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There are various reasons to shop online. For me, it’s due to time. I’ve been leaving work earlier (to take care of me) and I am beginning to really value my time. I come home, work out, read or write, and relax. I don’t want to add a trip to the mall to the list of errands I run each week, even if it’s just one week out of the four.

This is because, when I get there, I’m overwhelmed by the chaos that is around me. Even if I go right when the mall opens (yeah, I’m that girl), by the time I head to the second store, the mall is packed. I don’t spend a lot of time in each store but I do go the same few each time. Even with the expedited mall trip plan that I’ve implemented over time, I still walk out annoyed.

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All right, let’s get down to the list of the best online shopping sites; these clothing stores are some of my personal favorites but I should point out that I don’t shop a lot. I shop (maybe) once every few months. I’m a big proponent of wearing and rewearing items. So please purchase items that you can wear and rewear. Even if there is a super fun trend out, make sure that it’s something you can add to your wardrobe.


American Eagle has size short and also have size XXS, which I find better fits my shoulders and waist (when compared to an XS). I love purchasing denim here. The size short fits me perfectly. For those that are petite, these are a lifesaver!


Express carries petite sizes in a lot of their clothing items. Their clothes are perfect for work but I’ve found fun items there too. A lot of tanks and dresses have been purchased there too (especially for special occasions).


Ah, Nordstrom Rack. While I love online shopping here, I must admit that I’ll head over to an actual store sometimes. I mean, each store carries different items and, with two of them in Orlando, I have even more of a change of finding shoes in my size.

So, I shop here most often for shoes. I wear a size four and find it very difficult to shop for chic shoes at most other stores. This is definitely the best place for women with small feet. Oh, and it’s the best for those that are obsessed with Julia Engel’s Gal Meets Glam collection too!


Just like with American Eagle, I filter down to the XS and focus on items that I won’t have to make sure will stay on my shoulders (like off the shoulder tops or tanks without adjustable straps). When I choose dresses, I choose items that have belts at the waist or wrap dresses and skirts.


I’ve always looked at the ASOS app but never purchased anything until I created my fall capsule wardrobe. ASOS also features petite items. One thing I learned? I might wear an XXS in items that are not considered petite but, I’m not an XXSP. I did rule this out when I purchased a shirt. It’s the one thing I’ve returned.

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When I’m online shopping, I almost always opt to pay using PayPal. I have the payment come straight from my checking account. That way, if I return (by mailing the package back or by choosing to go into the store instead of going into the post office), the cash goes straight back to my PayPal.

So, you may notice that stores like Forever 21 and H&M aren’t on this list. Well, I almost always have to return some things when I shop there, even if I use my normal tactics (as stated in the Urban section). So, are there other online stores that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

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