The Best Accessories

As I’ve stated before, I’ve got a capsule wardrobe. I’m still loving it, and even wrote about some misconceptions people have. Although I’ve written some general capsule wardrobe posts, I haven’t started diving in deep, giving outfit posts or one of those five-ways-to-wear-a-certain-item posts. Well, here I am now (finally, right?!) to talk about one of the most important things when it comes to building a capsule wardrobe (especially if your style is a bit more minimal, like mine): accessories. So, here are, in my opinion, the best accessories.


We often don’t realize how much we have our cell phones in our hands. Oftentimes, the purse that I once considered one of the main accessories doesn’t even hold my phone. When I can’t physically keep my phone in my hand, it’s usually in my back pocket, sticking out halfway for the world to see.

Our phone cases aren’t just there to protect our valuable glass screens and other features anymore. They’re stylish and should be considered a part of our outfits. That’s why I’ve been using (and obsessing over!) one of my two, new CaseApp phone cases.

These phone cases are super sleek – and the cases come in a matte finish, which is even better. I’ve had quite a few shinier finishes and I always find that they slide over tabletops and counters. These matte cases almost seem to grab onto these slick surfaces, protecting my phone while providing a source of ooo’s and ahh’s amongst my friends.

I’ve received tons of compliments on both cases but – as we know from the story that I posted when I first received the cases, most are loving the Oh Deer version. The Marrakech case was the first one that I picked, though. And the next one I’ll get? This amazing aLoHa! case. I love the geometric vibes here. Perfect for when summer roles back around.

I do think that the best part about CaseApp is their custom phone case option. When I go back for some summertime cases, I’ll def have to create a case with a quote I love (because if you know me, you know I love quotes). Or maybe I should make a Dreaming of Dior case. I mean, I am dreaming of Dior after all.

Obsessing over these phone cases and thinking of picking one up for yourself? I’ll be hosting a giveaway on Instagram. Good luck to all – and be sure to check out the first Insta post!

If the giveaway ends and you don’t win – don’t fret! – you can still receive a discount! For 20% off a cute case of your own, use the code DreamingofDior20.


Oh, you know how it goes. “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” – oh those iconic lyrics from Annie. How many of you sang that in your head? I can’t look at those words without metaphorically bursting into song. Ok, those that really know me know that I’d actually burst into song.

Ok, let’s get serious. Because I am serious about this one. I truly believe that one of our best accessories is a smile. As someone that works in education, educating those with disabilities, I see exactly how the magic of a smile works.

When working with a student that’s struggling to understand grade-level content in math, sometimes an encouraging smile is all a student needs to keep working. When a nonverbal student arrives in the morning, waving and smiling while greeting provides them with nonverbal cues and almost always results in a beautiful, genuine smile in return.

We all know that little anecdote…sometimes, a smile can turn someone’s day around. I know that when a stranger smiles at me (and it isn’t creepy in nature) I feel that genuine human connection that we all seek.

I can’t wait to add more phone cases to my CaseApp collection. I know these cases fit perfectly, are stylish, and bring a smile to my face (especially because I get so many compliments). Plus, changing out a phone case is far less time consuming than changing purses!

Don’t forget – for 20% off a cute case of your own, use the code DreamingofDior20. After all, phone cases (and smiles) are two of the best accessories we can have.

I want to thank CaseApp for sponsoring this post.


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