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Corsica is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, and a place that Adam and I were probably never going to visit, but I fell deeply in love with it. I’ll share the Corsica post a bit later but wanted to start off with the outfit I wore on our fun-filled day in this beautiful and amazing port.

One of the go-to outfits that I love wearing during the summer months: a romper. Rompers have the flexibility of being shorts while also looking nice enough to wear around.

Which means I can sit criss-cross applesauce while demolishing an ice cream cone or climb over cliffside rocks to get a better view. Or I can force myself up on places that are just a little bit too tall (without worry of flashing passersby). Whew, that was a close one.

Anyway, this romper was one that I picked up on a little shopping spree at Downtown Divas, a local Orlando boutique.

Although there isn’t an online shop that I can post links to, I’ve rounded up some similar items here and here.

I love that both of these other rompers, which come from other local Orlando boutiques (I wrote all about thoseĀ here) share the one feature that made me fall in love with this Downtown Diva’s romper – the cold shoulder.

And this feature greatly helped in the super hot summer weather of the Mediterranean. I mean, it was shocking how un-hot I was while wearing this. The fabric was loose and the sea breeze felt great against my skin.

And, after a bit of wandering, Adam and I found this beautiful area in one of the open squares of Ajaccio, the capital city of Corsica. I immediately fell in love with the pink, climbing flowers and couldn’t wait to get some shots there.

I sped-walked through the area before settling on a seated spot, which was (as you can see below) a little difficult to get up on…one of the perks of being short!

And after getting up there, I posed for a few shots, turning my head away because it’s the easiest way to ensure great photos, while also taking into account that Adam really hates taking pictures of me.

For this outfit, I wore my super comfortable Joie sandals (found here) and grabbed the Downtown Divas backpack I toted with me from port to port.

This was the one “basket” bag that I picked up over the summer. I felt like it killed two birds with one stone; it allowed me to take part in the trend while also getting something useful for our summer abroad.

The backpack was the perfect size for carrying my must-haves for traveling: identification, band-aids, cash, and (of course) a camera.

Whenever I travel, I make sure to pack multiple dresses and multiple rompers, that way, if I want the look of a dress while opting for the ease of shorts, I’m ready to go.

It is easily one of the best items to pack when you travel; and I can’t wait to grab some fall jumpsuits.

For those that love traveling, what’s your go-to outfit? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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