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So I’ve been considering a subscription box; and the ones that I’ve been looking at have to do with rental fashion.

I’ve looked into the other boxes, the ones where users are able to purchase items, like Stitch Fix, but don’t feel like those are for me.

For one, I like change – like, a whole lot – and I tend to move clothes in and out of my closet frequently. Not gonna lie, I do have a few items that I wear all year around, but I do tend to change my clothes with the season.

Another reason I’m not interested in the subscription box: I’ve known people that have done the whole Stitch Fix thing and the clothes are kind of over my price point, which is around $60.

So, instead, I’ve been looking at both Le Tote and Rent the Runway.


Both sites are similar. For one, both subscription boxes contain rented items that are mailed to the subscriber. The subscriber is able to wear the items as many times as they want. When finished, the clothes are sent back.

The wearer doesn’t have to clean the clothes, which is a nice touch – no dry cleaning! – and return shipping is included.

With both, there are options to have unlimited orders per month, which means that the subscriber can, for one monthly price, rent one set of items, send them back, and then rent another set. This can be done an unlimited amount of times per month.

Users are also able to purchase items with discounts.


With Le Tote, the user chooses five items per month: two items of clothing and two accessories. This comes at a price of $59 per month. The user is able to curate their own box.

When I received a free trial for Le Tote (a while ago) I chose two skirts, a dress, a scarf, and a necklace. I loved how almost all of the items fit me (the dress was a little loose) but never continued because, at the time, I couldn’t afford it.

With Rent the Runway, the user has two options.

The first option is to rent four items per month for $89. You are able to add pieces to the shipment but am unsure of the cost per addition. However, for $159 per month, the subscriber is able to rent an unlimited amount of pieces, 4 at a time.

Now, the brands for Le Tote and RtR are different. RtR appears to have a lot more high fashion items. Lots of items are $200 or more, which is prob the ONLY way I’d ever wear designer items.

The items featured at Le Tote are far less expensive. I see items that are around $200 but there are lots of items that are between $50 and $75.

In some ways, the items for Le Tote seem to gear towards an older consumer (which, I guess I’m getting up there!) but it could just be the appearance of items in their images. On the other hand, some of the items for RtR are kind of unrealistic for use in my day-to-day life.


I like the price of Le Tote but like a lot of the clothing and the brands on RtR. I also like knowing that I could pick out a dress or other item for a special occasion.

Overall, I do still need to take both into consideration. I mean, I do an awful job about taking ootd posts. Would getting a membership to a subscription box help motivate me to do that?

Not sure. But it kind of goes with the fact that I feel awful asking Adam to take pictures of me. I guess I should get over that, huh?

Anyway…I’ll keep thinking.

And while I do that, does anyone have experience with either of these? Let me know in the comments!

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