southern-inspired weekend in PCB

Over the holiday weekend, I spent some time with husband’s (and mine too!) family in Panama City Beach, Florida. I’ve been here a few times now and love going back. The things that we do up there are far different than our normal outings in Orlando. So keep reading to find out about this southern-inspired weekend in PCB.

Before we get started, here are a few things that one should do on a weekend in PCB.


Go to the beaches. The beaches there are beautiful and their emerald waters are gorgeous. We always visit St. Andrews Park and I am amazed at all the surfers and the people strolling along the jetties. Another beach to visit is Shell Island.


Visit Pier Park. There’re tons of places for food, shopping, and more. There’re also a few fair rides, a movie theatre, and concerts. I’d def. check out what’s going on before traveling. There might be a fun event you’d like to attend. The biergarten, Haufbräuhaus, is also there. I visited one in Germany and it was so much fun!


Take a quick trip down 30A. There’re tons of cute little beach towns with gorgeous views, colorful buildings, and tons of smiling people.


Ok, so back to my holiday weekend because it was filled with tons of firsts for me. On our first full day, we went out to some land that Adam’s parents own. I learned how to drive a four-wheeler, a tractor, and how to shoot a handgun. I shot both a Smith & Wesson 38 and Governor. It was a little scary (because I’ve seen one too many videos of women hitting themselves in the head with the gun when it recoils!) but I managed it.

And, to be honest, it was super exhilarating. I even got the closest hit to the bullseye!

Adam and I also took the kayaks on the water. I wore a super comfortable Kate Spade Sweatshirt, a pair of black Express Pants, and my Adidas. I do wish I had worn boots instead (and I def will next time).

When we went home that evening, I learned how to make Adam’s favorite childhood meal, his mom’s famous Broccoli and Chicken pie. The best part of the whole thing was attempting to cut the decorations for the top of the pie. Check out those “fabulous” leaves!

I think I see a future in cake decorating here! Haha – just kidding!

On Christmas Day, we kept our tradition up of taking pictures by the tree and seeing a movie. I’m sure that, a few years earlier, we saw The Force Awakens and, this year, we went to see The Last Jedi. It was nice to keep the whole Star Wars tradition alive. We even watched Rogue One to get in the zone.

When it comes to gifts, Adam and I chose not to exchange any. Why?! Because we are redoing our kitchen! They’re coming the week of January 8th to get it all done. I can’t wait to share photos via Insta. Be sure you’re following me on there. I post a lot of extras!

I haven’t exchanged gifts with my family but, so far, my favorite is a beautiful, delicate gold ring from Catbird. It’s so dainty, I feel like I never have to take it off! I can’t wait to get more and stack them!


On Christmas Day, I ended up wearing my new Zara Cape Sweater, black skinnies, and black flats. As soon as I put that cape sweater on in the store, I knew it’d be mine. It was so warm and cozy!

It was the perfect sweater for a trip to the movies. I could just cross my arms under the sweater when my hands got cold – haha!

Well, I hope that some of these outfits inspired you. If you ever end up in PCB, don’t forget to check out some of the places I mentioned.

Did you all do something new over the holiday weekend? If so, tell me! Comment below!

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