Sending Warm Wishes with Basic Invite

With the holiday season upon us, Adam and I have started to look into how we’re going to be sharing the holiday cheer with our loved ones. We’re putting our tree up, the lights are twinkling, and some Christmas jams are blaring over the speakers as I dance around with joy. Red (ok, wine bc of my capsule wardrobe) is one of my favorite colors to wear and I’ll be sporting lots of it this season. We’ll be sharing some recipes and our holiday bucket list. We might even throw a little party! A lot of these things will help to spread cheer to ones that live near us. However, we can’t forget our loved ones that aren’t close by; so, we’re sending some warm wishes with Basic Invite.

I mean, haven’t you ever been there, staring at the keyboard, typing in keywords like holiday cocktail party invitations or work Christmas party invitation or even Christmas cards photo only to come up empty handed? Well, with Basic Invite, you definitely won’t.


Basic Invite is a wonderful website that allows the user to customize cards, invitations, stationery, and more. There are almost-unlimited options for fonts and colors;  there are 180 color options with various (and beautiful) shades of some of your favorite colors. Even the envelopes can be colored to match the cards or invites that are being sent.

When it comes to cards that help spread this season’s cheer, the foil cards are stunning. There are also those ever-famous photo cards, so that you can share the amazing memories that you’ve created this year; and you can share one, two, or more photos on a single card!

For those that need to send invites or cards to various people, Basic Invite’s address capturing service is perfect. You can share a link on social media, asking friends and family to share their address with you. This will be built into your personal address book, so that you can select it during the design process – this service doesn’t cost extra either!

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When I first logged on to Basic Invite, I was overwhelmed by all of the cards that I actually thought were cute! Okay, overwhelmed probably isn’t the best word. I’ll use overjoyed instead – because, let’s be honest, a lot of cards and invites are kind of…okay. I’m super particular and, if you are too, this site is perfect for you.

The first order that I placed with Basic Invite was for some Christmas/Hannukah cards for our loved ones. The process was simple, including the edits and font changes that I made. I was able to change shades of colors if I wanted too, which was awesome!

Now, once Adam and I finalize the details of our holiday party, I’ll place an order for those (and I’ll def. be sending out that link so I don’t have to type up tons of addresses!). Right now, I’m really liking this one and this one.

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The cards (I received them three days after they shipped!) are so beautiful! I love the quality – the paper is thick, the colors are stunning, and I can’t wait to send them out. I know that our recipients are going to love them!

I opted for picture-less cards this time, but it’s only because our dream is to take a snap with our cat (full fam photos only, right?!) and it isn’t working. Plus, the only good photos we have together is from our wedding. I felt like it was a little after the fact to send some of those!

I tried out the matte and gloss finishes and, although I love both, I just prefer a matte finish. The nice thing about these matter cards is that they aren’t rough – there isn’t a lot of friction when I pick it up and, unless I’m looking, I can’t tell which is matte or gloss! I love how they feel the same.


For those that still need to pick up their holiday cards, I fully recommend Basic Invite. It’s such a fun and unique way to choose cards, especially because you don’t have to pick up that master pack (of the same basic cards that are generic enough for all of your loved ones) from your local store.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season and I hope that you get to share some holiday cheer and warm wishes with the ones you love most. Basic Invite is a great way to do that.

Oh and FYI – there’s a code for 30% off right now! Use holi30 for a discount!

I want to thank Basic Invite for sponsoring this post.


  1. Kiana

    Love these! They’re so cute ! Going to use them this holiday season 🤗

    • jsmithBlogger

      Aren’t they amazing?

  2. Mara

    I’ll have to check out these cards. You have great taste so I know they must be awesome.

    • jsmithBlogger

      I love them! They’re even better in person!

  3. Donna

    Gorgeous! I will have to check them out

    • jsmithBlogger

      They’re so beautiful and quick too!

  4. perfectlyclaudia

    This sounds so good, especially for Christmas! Love that they have lots of designs too!

    Claudia xo

    • jsmithBlogger

      I know! It was one of the best parts!

  5. Vicki

    I love the fun bold colors of these cards! Definitely checking them out!!

    • jsmithBlogger

      Loved all the color options!

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