the reasons i started dreaming of dior

I feel like this is a post I should have/could have written a long time ago. But I could never formulate the thoughts into words…until now. So, let’s talk about the reasons I started Dreaming of Dior.


I love to write. No, I legit love to write. I still remember the first time I was published. It was an old Language Arts teacher. In her class, we would be forced to answer these journal prompts. She would submit our responses to this magazine that accepted submissions from young writers.

Miraculously, mine was chosen. Hilariously enough, it was a quote that provided relationship/love advice. I was in seventh grade. I didn’t know the first thing about either of those.

Nonetheless, I wrote a short story, entitled The Legend of the Rain, for that same teacher later that year. I still have it. I still think about illustrating it (well, hiring an illustrator) and turning it into a children’s book.

I guess the point is that I started this blog because I love to write.


The fashion bloggers that I know and love purchase clothes I only dream of owning. Although I understand that I love following these beautiful women because I wish I were them (in a sense), I also wish there was someone that purchased the clothes that I could afford (e.g. Forever 21, Zara, Banana Republic, Express, etc.).

I know there have to be women like me out there. Therefore, I decided to write a blog for us. And, as I grow and change and evolve, I’ve started coming up with new ideas.

I introduced the Outfit Inspiration posts a while back. I used them to take photographs of other bloggers and feature them, all while showing various ways to wear one piece or style of clothing.

I’m also planning on featuring my sister a little bit more. She’s a stylish woman too and I think it’d be awesome to share her outfits/fashion sense, especially since she’s on a similar budget as mine – all while having a similar but super different personal style as me.

And, who knows, maybe it’ll evolve into a little community of dreamers. Hmmm…


I love to travel. Although Dreaming of Dior is, first and foremost, a budget fashion blog, it’s this way because I prefer to save the extra cash and spend it on travel. I mean, I don’t have to wear Dior to be fashionable. And, until I have the income to afford designer fashion and luxe travel (which will prob. be never), I’m gonna stick to those fast fashion stores that I both love and hate.

Anyway, I found that posting pictures in albums on Facebook weren’t doing enough for me. While people do love the visual components most, I love telling the story that goes along with it. There’s something so nice about reliving those moments.

Plus, I have a serious case of wanderlust. If I don’t go somewhere soon, I might drown. Orlando is a beautiful place to live…but I need some variety.


I needed a hobby. I haven’t written a novel in a long time. It’s so stop and go for me. I don’t want Netflixing to become my legit hobby – and it was looking that way, for sure! – so I had to do something else. So, why not combine my love for everything written, fashion, and travel.

There was no better way. Do you agree?

Oh, and who out there has their own blog? Who reads them?

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