a quick stop in monte carlo

Ah, Monte Carlo – the place of dreams. If I were rich, I’d definitely opt to move here too. No taxes?! Luxe living? Amazing shopping? Count me in!!!

Can you tell I was excited to stop here?

I mean – hellooooooo! Grace Kelly. Great authors. That movie I never saw with Selena Gomez. Those were all the reasons I was excited to visit Monte Carlo.

Well, that and all of the landmarks and sites.

And when we stepped off the boat that morning, we headed straight to the palace. Palaces are kind of a thing for me; and whenever there’s an opportunity to visit a palace, I’m going to take it. Of course, no pictures are allowed once inside, but Adam and I got some shots of the amazing views and the gardens, along with some amazing artwork.

And, you’ll just have to take my word for it: the self-led tour of the palace is pretty cool. The history, including the beautiful portraits and ornate furniture, is something that will never cease to amaze me.

After we hung out around the palace, we headed to the aquarium. There’s a special ticket where you can see the aquarium and the palace for a discount.

And that was definitely worth it. I mean, there’s something amazing about aquariums. I can’t remember one that has disappointed me, and this one was something special.

Other than the usual sea life, there were also exhibits about pollution, historical records about the discovery of different species, and preserved remains of creepy creatures.

When we were done, Adam and I decided to head back down into the main part of the city. As we made our way down the zig-zagging streets, we made stops, exploring gorgeous alleyways, meandering along the Grand Prix, and staring at the endless amount of expensive cars that sped by.

Everywhere we walked, there were beautiful views of the city. I couldn’t help but stop and take in the magical views. Thankfully, Adam was always there, snapping pictures of me in my sundress.

This dress, one that I got this spring from Forever 21 (similar here and here; and I love this one for fall), was perfect for the weather. I paired it with Vans, opting to be minimal on the jewelry. I did grab my little backpack, since my camera fit perfectly inside it.

And it ended up being the perfect bag with that outfit.

When I got too hot and sticky to wear the camera strap on my shoulder, I put it in the bag. This ended up happening around the time we made it to the famous casino and Cafe de Paris.

Adam and I stopped there, exploring the tourist-filled spot before stopping for a quick lunch and drink at the famous cafe.

It was a bit too busy there to get a good picture, and at this point I was starting to sway with the motion of the sea (and I was a bit nauseous and irritable), so I didn’t get any pictures of the area.

Nonetheless, I managed to stop and grab a few more shots of the city before we went back to the boat.

When Adam and I got back to the ship, we hung out at the pool before getting ready for a nice, late dinner. I haven’t even mentioned it, but Seabourn has the best food, especially their Thomas Keller grill and their delicious seven layer chocolate cake.

Adam and I still think about it. It still makes my mouth water. Oh, how I miss it.

But, out of all of the beautiful things I saw that day, nothing beats the view of Monte Carlo at night. The pictures don’t do it justice, but here they are.

Man, I’d love to hang out on my yacht with friends and loved ones, sipping on champs and staring at that miraculous view. Yep, I could totes live there.

Monte Carlo, here I come! Well…after I win the jackpot or lotto.

So where would you want to live if you didn’t have to worry about money?

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