part two: how to achieve that “blogger look” in the real world

Part 2 of 2

Earlier, we began discussing how to get that quintessential “blogger look”. Bloggers have this effortless way of looking both put together and disheveled at the same time – but in a totally cool way.

We discussed how to get around the never-not-wearing-heels thing bloggers have going on (hint: flats are ALWAYS an option – a legit and cute option), as well as their always-dressed-to-the-nines thing (once again, mixing fancier things with more casual pieces is a legit and cute option).

You can read all about that here.

This time, we’re back to discuss a few other things, and we’re going to jump right in.

Don’t forget, all pictures link back to the blogger’s original post.

The clothing doesn’t seem to suit the weather.

I don’t know if it’s because I get cold or can’t stand wearing clothes drenched in sweat, but bloggers have a way of either wearing outfits that appear to have too many or not enough layers.

I’m not gonna lie, I wore a maxi skirt in Taormina (you can see that here) and I did wear a longer sleeved deconstructed shirt when in NYC (read about that here), but most times the outfits that I choose are super appropriate for the weather. Although that maxi wasn’t bad at all – not when there’s a breeze.

Anyway, I love seeing the beautiful outfits that bloggers wear in Italy and Greece. Those beautiful maxi dresses and flowy pants are gorgeous against the colorful buildings along the Amalfi Coast or the crisp, white buildings of Greece, but all I can think is…isn’t it hot?! Aren’t you dying right now?

Or – on the flipside – I see bloggers frolicking in freshly fallen snow. I’ve seen one blogger that didn’t look like she was freezing, and this was Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam when she was in Iceland. You can find her three posts here.

Other than that one time, I feel like these bloggers have to be taking off their coats to get shots of their looks.

But that doesn’t help those of us that would like to pull some legit winter inspo from them.

However, there is a way to achieve their chic winter looks (without pulling out that bulky winter coat you wore throughout high school). And that is strategic layering.

One woman that I look up to in regards to chic layering? Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior.

Want to wear a chic strapless top when it’s cooler out? No big deal – just slip on a warm long-sleeved shirt underneath it. Make it one with a collar in a contrasting color.

Or, slip on a pair of knee-high/over the knee boots with a midi dress for a covered up and chic look. A long coat, that happens to be the same length of the dress adds to the look, completing it while keeping you warm in those cold city streets.

Another example of beautiful layering? Blair Eadie. I absolutely loved this almost-royal look, where she paired a long-sleeved sweater with a bright red dress. All I have to add is…she should be wearing tights too! But that might be me and my always-cold problem.

However, Jean Wang of Extra Petite has some great advice for “hidden warmth” here. And she’s from Boston, so she’s gotta know what’s up.

On the other hand, like I stated earlier, lots of bloggers wear long dresses in the hot, hot Mediterranean summer. How in the world do we get around something like that?

How can we look chic while being comfortable – and realistic! – at the same time?

One look that I love? Wearing bikini tops as crop tops. Aggie Lal of Travel in her Shoes is great at doing this. On a recent trip to Positano (she’s a travel blogger), Aggie wore a combo that I tried to emulate in Taormina – a bikini top with a wrap skirt.

And, even though I’m not always a fan of wearing a swimsuit with distressed denim, Aggie really pulls it off with this cutout one piece. The look, with her sneaks, is casual, but the chic Cult Gaia bag adds a little something, elevating the entire look. It’s great that one designer piece can do that.

And this is why I’m always dreaming of Dior. Le sigh.

The other woman that is the absolute queen of casual-cool? Julie Sariñana of Sincerely, Jules. She’s also shown us that bikini tops are perfect as “regular” tops.

I love that she always completes an outfit with layered jewels and the perfect bag. Her signature white nails also offers a little unexpected touch to the outfit, pulling it all together.

Once again, bloggers have outdone themselves – making swimwear chic.

The last problem that we’re going to solve today?

The seemingly rotating wardrobe with an endless amount of new items. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to go shopping for new items each week – and that’s how fast things change.

Remember that summer all the bloggers had pompom sandals? Yeah, I FINALLY got a pair…practically after they had all moved on to something else.

Or those gorgeous Gucci mules everyone was wearing? Yeah, I still don’t have a copycat version.

Nonetheless, if you look hard enough, there are pieces that bloggers restyle and re-wear. And this is the great sign of a fashion blogger (at least, to me) because it’s more realistic. And, to be honest, it’s tougher to restyle old pieces. I don’t know about you but I end up creating an amazing outfit only to stand in my closet for 30 minutes the next time I want to wear that piece (because the first outfit was too perfect – how could I make another one?!).

Well, below are some bloggers that have re-worn pieces – and ones that aren’t just closet staples, either!

One of my favorite restyles is by (you guessed it) Julia Engel. I’ve seen her re-wear this skirt multiple times since I began following her. It’s a great statement piece and she does a great job of wearing it differently each time.

Another blogger that restyles pieces? Jean Wang of Extra Petite. She does such an excellent job of offering multiple ways to wear one item within each blog post. You can see some of those posts here and here.

She is also seen re-wearing items too. Here, she’s seen re-wearing some M. Gemi loafers. One look is perfect for work while the other is perfect for a lunch and shopping trip – and, obvi coffee!.

Have more questions or “blogger problems” you’d like solved? Leave a comment below.

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