Overnight Oats

Oh man ladies and gents (but prob ladies!) I’ve just tried some overnight oats. And it all started with a Quaker experiment…ok, it wasn’t exactly an experiment. Long story short, I saw the Quaker Overnight Oats sitting on the shelf, waiting for me to see them (the oats were above my head so I never noticed them before – haha!). I took them home, along with a container of almond milk and prepped Adam with an if-we-like-these-I’m-going-to-make-a-recipe speech.

I followed the recipe – well if one can call pouring almond milk into a container a recipe, that is! – and set the oats in the fridge. The next morning, I grabbed the overnight oats and went in to work. Adam ate his at home. If you’re reading this and noting that I ended up making my own recipe, you can tell that we liked the Quaker Overnight Oats!

Well…Adam said that he couldn’t wait to try a recipe with “real” blueberries. I guess he didn’t like the preserved fruit in the Quaker oats; and, while I liked the almond version that I picked up, I’d far prefer something a little closer to the kind of oatmeal I prefer – either something with blueberries or brown sugar.

So, naturally, I had to go out in search of something we’d both like. Pinterest was the first site I went to. In the end, I decided on this collection of simple recipes. The first ones I chose were the blueberry muffin overnight oats and the peanut butter banana overnight oats.

We tried the peanut butter banana recipe first. We both liked it. Then, we tried the blueberry ones. The verdict?

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I will admit that I tend to make alterations to the recipes that I use. This was no different. For both recipes, I chose to emit the chia seeds and reduced the amount of vanilla to 1/2 teaspoon. I opted for plain Greek yogurt and left off the lemon zest (because I didn’t have a lemon). And, if the recipes had called for regular milk, I would have substituted almond.

Adam and I aren’t super healthy eaters, but we prefer almond milk because it lasts a whole lot longer in the fridge. Neither of us drinks milk and, while i used to eat tons of cereal growing up, I don’t eat it anymore.

The recipes (as in the actual prep) was simple. I made the recipes, adjusting as I stated above, as I went. It took me about ten minutes to make both recipes and separate them into our mason jars. I must admit that I kind of like this breakfast. Adam and I had one on a work morning and then ate the next one on a weekend morning. We tend to get hungry at different times, so something like this prepped (and healthier) option would work for us all the time.


Well ladies and gents, as promised, I’ve obtained Adam’s word on the subject. When Adam texted me a picture of his peanut butter banana overnight oats, it was accompanied by a few words that went something like…”although this looks like cat barf, it tastes good”.

When he tried the blueberry muffin version, the reaction was a bit similar.

He did note that the blueberry muffin overnight oats recipe was a little bit creamier but he liked it. We both agreed that we’d have to get some vanilla yogurt to see how the recipe changed.

Overall, he liked the peanut butter banana overnight oats a lot more and would like us to test out our own recipe…something with peanut butter and blueberries.



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