overnight in barcelona

After our cruise ended, Adam and I ended up in Barcelona. Tired after our weeks of adventure, we didn’t take advantage of our 24 hours but we did love it. I’d like to go back soon, but, for now, let’s talk about our one night in Barcelona.

After our arrival, we kind of knew we’d end up passing out if we didn’t get out, so we grabbed the camera and hit the road, eager to explore the area.

We didn’t wander too far, but did get a few shots of the streets below.

After we explored, we went back up to the hotel and grabbed some room service before napping. The bathtub was beautiful so I couldn’t pass up on the chance to sip some bubbles while I lounged around in some bubbles.

And it wasn’t too long until we got a little bit hungry; so we went up to the rooftop bar and restaurant for some drinks and snacks.

I mean, after all, all we wanted to do was relax before a long fight.

To be honest, this trip was one that I’ll never forget. I loved each port, each site, each walk along the sidewalk, hand in hand.

Out of all of the destinations, I have to state that I loved Taormina, Ajaccio, and Monte Carlo the most. Taormina was a quaint, charming town with gorgeous blue waters and winding streets. Ajaccio was a picturesque beach town, complete with entertainment, and Monte Carlo was an exquisite, bustling city.

And on our last night abroad, Adam and I watched the sunset from the rooftop. Our life together had begun…we’d be sure to go on more adventures but this one had been a great start.

So who out there has been to Barcelona? I didn’t do much – at all (gasp!) – and can’t wait to head back. Tell me, what should we do or see?!


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