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Now that it’s officially fall, and I’ve pulled all of the spring/summer pieces out of my closet, trading them for more fall-friendly colors, I can’t wait to wear booties. Like, all the time.

Booties are a favorite shoe of mine. I love pairing them with all kinds of clothes, from denim cutoffs to cropped skinnies and dresses.

And I’m back with some more outfit inspiration, so that we can all look fabulous in our fall attire.

As usual, each picture links back to the blogger’s original post.

Striped Shirt | Poncho Sweater | Skinnies

Colored Denim | Neutral Tee | Fun Scarf

Patterned Dress

Bold, Color-Block Dress

Tucked Sweater | Rolled-Up Skinnies

The one thing that I love most about fall – other than booties of course! – are all of the fall colors.

I’ve got a thing for dark colors and cozying up on the couch, sipping on hot chocolate or warm tea. There’s nothing better to a Floridian (I think) than being warm. We’re used to being warm all year long. Those few weeks of cold can get to us, after the initial excitement of actually being cold, that is.

Now, since there aren’t many cold days in Florida, there’s no reason to purchase a closet-full of booties. Purchasing a pair or two is enough to last us the whole season, so having inspirational photos to look at helps to make sure we aren’t wearing the same thing over and over again.

Same thing goes with boots. I have two pairs – one black and one brown – so when it comes time to wearing those, I’ll be sure to pull some inspiration from my favorite bloggers.

So…when you’re creating outfits with your favorite pair of booties, do you prefer that casual, almost hipster look? Or do you like to pair them with a nice dress or skirt?

Let me know in the comments!

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