Our Mediterranean Cruise Itinerary

This summer, Adam and I will be embarking on a cruise around one of our favorite destinations, the Mediterranean. Our last Mediterranean cruise (we went on one for our honeymoon) took us from Rome to Barcelona. This time, we’re starting in Malta and ending in Greece – and I couldn’t be more excited! So I wanted to share our Mediterranean cruise itinerary with you.


Our first stop is Malta. We’ll be spending two nights in Valetta (one of our favorite ports) before we head to Gozo. The last time we were in Valetta, we did a lot of sightseeing. We visited the Upper Barrakka Gardens, where we saw The Saluting Battery, and explored Fort St. Angelo. We wandered around the waterfront and through the city streets.

This time, we’ll attempt to see some more things. I’d love to check out the Lower Barrakka Gardens, as well as some of the war rooms. I think it would be fun (if we have time) to catch a ride to Popeye’s Village. It looks like a fantastic photo spot.

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Since we visited both Valetta and Gozo in the same day last time, it’ll be nice to sample some of the local food and check out the nightlife.  Oh, and we’ll also be checking out some real estate…you know, just in case we plan to move there in the future.

When we head over to Gozo, we’ll probably go straight to The Blue Lagoon. Last time, we wandered around the city before catching a boat to the iconic landmark – or should I say watermark?? Ok, I should stop with the jokes. Anyway, by the time we got there it was so crowded! We barely found a place to sit and, when we did, it ended up being super pricey! It’ll be smarter of us to switch it up this time.


Next up, the beautiful Italy; and our first stop is one of my favorite cities: Taormina. Adam and I visited Taormina on our honeymoon. On that trip, we wandered through the streets in search of the ancient Greek Amphitheater, Teatro Antico Taormina, and on the way there, we stopped for some delicious drinks.

The theater was amazing and, while there, we saw them setting up for a concert. After that, we decided that we were definitely heading back one day. I guess it’ll be this summer but, since we won’t be catching a concert while we’re there, we’ll have to go back again. I mean, I totally won’t mind staying at The Belmond’s Grand Hotel Timeo. I can see myself sipping cocktails on the balcony, my gaze on the beautiful view.

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I’ve never been to Montenegro or Albania and, after following The Petite Wanderer on her journey last year, I have to admit that I’m super excited! We’ll spend a few hours in each country in the ports of Kotor and Durres. I can’t wait to spend one of those mornings kayaking Kotor Bay.

I haven’t even looked up other things for us to do but I know I’ll be heading to Instagram for some photo spots. I mean, how else will I showcase these amazing countries!?


The next stop? Various cities in Greece, including Corfu, Santorini, Kos, Mykonos, and Athens. This is my first time in Greece and I cannot wait! I’m dreaming of the blues and whites of the streets, the bright hue of the water, and the ocean breeze.

I imagine we’ll do some sightseeing, beach lounging, and picture snapping. I can’t wait to start looking up things to do or sights to see in each of these ports. It’ll be nice to plan our official itinerary. You know, the one with our list to to dos.

Overall, I’m excited for the whole trip and can’t wait to be back on my favorite side of the world. To be honest, one of the things that excites me most is the idea of looking at real estate. Truth be told, we hope to move to Europe part-time during the years. It’s a dream of ours but we plan on taking steps to make it happen.

Who plans to travel abroad this summer? If so, where are you going? Are you excited? I want to hear all about it!

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