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Now that Adam and I are guaranteed biweekly date nights (curios? read more here) I decided to start researching places and activities. I mean, I already had a short list of places I wanted to go and things I wanted to do, but I knew it would run out fast. During the search through dozens of Instagram accounts, I happened upon this one and followed it, as a sort of reminder. Well, I lucked out because, when Our Dream Date contacted me with a collaboration, I couldn’t contain the excitement I felt. Keep reading to learn more about Our Dream Date and follow us on our romantic adventure.


Our Dream Date is an amazing business run by women who love love just as much as I do. The owner, Amy Redmon, started our as a wedding coordinator. Soon, her love for creating and executing the perfect wedding transitioned into a desire to create the perfect date, for all occasions. From elopements to engagements and anniversaries to romantic evenings together, the dreamiest dates are not out of reach.

Now, Our Dream Date started in Arkansas, and the greater Orlando area was added sometime later by Heather Redmon-Friend, an artist that is expanding Our Dream Date in the most beautiful and extraordinary ways. Through an amazing partnership with Arundel Estate and a few other amazing locations, including Mead Gardens, Danville Bed and Breakfast, Hidden Palms Ranch, and more, Our Dream Date is helping to ensure that couples experience the most romantic dates; after all, their tagline “the essence of love is time” says it all.


Since Adam and I live in Orlando, we opted to go on a date that was a little closer to home. If this had been our anniversary or some other special event, I would totally travel up to Arundel Estate (and we might have to sometime soon!), which is about 40 minutes from us.

If you scroll through their website, you’ll see that there are a variety of dates to choose from. From picnics to events that include a table and chairs, the choices are endless and appeal to various couples. If I was planning a date for Adam, I would choose Whiskey and Flannel; Adam would love the whiskey and the burgers in the food snap would totally appeal to his palette! There’s also Swank and Swagger, which was designed with men in mind!

And which do I love? I’m obsessed with Wine & Roses (the picnic version) and Bohemian Rhapsody. I mean, look at that adorable tent and the romantic chandelier! It would be difficult to choose between the two. However, after some deliberation and a discussion with our event specialist, I went with…


When Adam and I arrived at Mead for our date, we couldn’t help but feel a little lost. We had never been there before and didn’t want to read the map wrong (and end up on the other end of the park!). However, after a little help from Heather, we found our little picnic, nestled in the most perfect spot.

My first thought when seeing our dream date was, ‘wow, this is so much better than the pictures!’ and it really was. To be honest, no photo could ever do the setup justice. The attention to detail was second to none. The ambiance was a little bit whimsical, a little bit shabby chic – all mixed with elegance and romance.

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Adam and I have been on a lot of dates (hopefully – haha!) but something about this one made us put our phones away. This small thing truly helped to make our evening spectacular. To be honest, we’ve never felt inclined to put our phones away for any reason (ok, except our wedding) and I truly want to thank Our Dream Date for magically helping to make this happen.

What on earth do people do when they aren’t on their phones? Well, Adam and I chatted, ate some of the delicious snacks, which included some meats and cheeses, bread, and macarons, and played some games. He’ll hate me for telling everyone this but I totally won – both times! – at checkers. (Good thing he doesn’t read my blog!)

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All in all, it was nice to spend some time together, just the two of us. We laughed, relaxed, sipped on our favorite champagne, and truly enjoyed a beautiful evening together. Our dream date really delivered on their promise. This was our ultimate dream date, not only because we put down our phones, but because everything, from the food to the setup to the location, was perfect.

So the most important question: did Adam like the date too? Adam totally enjoyed himself – except for the losing checkers part! – and, although he never imagined he would actually go on a picnic, he was glad that he did. In Adam’s own words, “this was about as convenient – and luxurious – as picnicking can get”.

And, with those kind of words from Adam, and the closeness that we both feel because of Our Dream Date, I can confirm that we will be going on on another dream date sometime in 2019!

I want to thank Our Dream Date for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Vicki

    This setting is divine and I love how every little detail is just perfect! Such a special date!

    • jsmithBlogger

      Oh it really was!

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