one night in NYC

Ohhh, NYC. I so wish I could come back to you. You truly do have a piece of my heart; and I can only imagine that, upon my return, you will only take more of it. Part of this is because of our perfect night in NYC.

After our first, eventful day in NYC, which you can read about here, Adam and I returned to our perfect hotel room at The Standard to get prepped for a night out.

I ended up wearing an amazing black high-low romper. I picked it up at one of my favorite local boutiques, Downtown Divas.

Since it was my birthday trip, Adam grabbed reservations at Beauty & Essex, an amazing and eclectic restaurant that serves a tapas-style menu.

The restaurant itself is “hidden” behind a real pawn shop; the items within the shop, including the vintage jewels and other fun items, are for sale.

When we arrived, we grabbed our table and sipped on cocktails while we chatted with our friends over the menu. We ended up starting with the grilled cheese, smoked bacon, and tomato soup dumplings, which you can see below.

The lighting is quite dim in the restaurant; I apologize for the lack of great photos.

I also grabbed a long-island-iced-tea-twin, which – to be honest – isn’t something I’d originally get. My friend, Tonja, would be so proud of me!

I also chose the mushroom ravioli; it was soooo good! I’d definitely recommend both of the dishes I mention in this post (obvi, we got far more!), because it was excellent.

Overall, I fell in love with the elegant decor, the romantic ambiance, and the modern but vintage feel of Beauty & Essex. This is a great spot in NY, and a great spot for a celebration.

After dinner, we went exploring.

Our friends recommended seeing Times Square at night, as it could be less crowded; and Adam and I were def. down for that.

We headed that way, stopping in Bryant Park for a bit beforehand.

Times Square is what I thought it would be: a fun place to go, to say you’ve been there, but it was a bit over-crowded and reminded me of the worst parts of theme parks.

After Times Square,¬†we headed over to Rockefeller Center to check out a rooftop bar (because that was the other thing on my birthday bucket list). The one that we planned to go to – I can’t remember the name now – was closed for a party, so we headed back out to check out another rooftop bar.

When we got to the rooftop bar, we grabbed a few drinks (my drink of choice is almost always vodka sprite) and hung out for a while.

Then, since we’re old and were tired from a super early flight that morning, we grabbed a cab and went back to the hotel, where I planned on taking a nice, relaxing bubble bath – it was the first clawfoot tub I’d ever seen! – before going to bed.

Well, that was my perfect night in NYC. How would you spend a night in NYC? Where would you go for dinner?

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