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Thanksgiving, this year, was spent in Tampa. Adam and I drove over in the morning, his music blaring over the speakers as I wrote a few pages in the current work-in-progress. The dress that I chose to wear for dinner was the Matison Stone Colorblock dress – also known as the perfect combination of casual and chic.

I stumbled upon this dress when browsing through the Rent the Runway closet. In all honesty, it isn’t too expensive, and I’ll definitely keep it on my radar (because I’d totally purchase it).

I tried to browse for the dress (to find it on the Matison Stone website or via another retailer) but couldn’t locate it. Here’s a link to the dress on Rent the Runway, so that you can view it yourself. I also found a few other items on Amazon; there are def. a few items I like, including this feminine vest and this sweater jacket.

One benefit of having a subscription through Rent the Runway – other than my rotating closet, of course! – is the ability to discover new designers.

There are loads of designers on the site that I’m already in love with, like Red Valentino and Diane Von Furstenburg, but there’s something amazing about finding a new designer. It totes reminds me of how I became a bit obsessed with Ulla Johnson and Milly over the course of Fashion Week.

Anyway, Thanksgiving at my parents’ house (the first one that Adam and I shared as hubs and wife!) was fun! I helped cook, reminisced over childhood games by playing Super Nintendo with my sister, and nommed on some delicious food.

 My all-time favorite Thanksgiving dish? Green Bean Casserole. We never really had it growing up (I don’t know how!) and I still remember the first time I tasted it. I knew it was going to be my favorite.

Oh, and I should probably mention my love for bread at this time. It’s a for-real weakness. I can’t pass up bread. No matter what.


The one reason I chose this dress (over the countless others) was the back. I love the detail; it adds a little something to an, otherwise, plain dress.

It’s things like this that draw me to minimal pieces. I love the unique things that separate one dress from another.

If I were to wear this another way, I’d pair it with sneaks and a fun backpack purse for a day at the theme parks or with a colored tote and sneaks (again!) for an afternoon of running errands.

What would you pair this dress with?

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