Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

For those that follow me on Instagram, you know that I put together a short fall bucket list. The list can be seen here. The first item that I’ve checked off that list is Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party. As a former annual passholder, I never saw the need to spend more money to get into the celebration but, now that I don’t have one, spending less than one hundred bucks to get into Magic Kingdom for eight hours didn’t seem so bad. So, I went, and here’s all the stuff I did (and things I think everyone should do) at Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party.


This Halloween-Inspired event at Magic Kingdom is on select nights from August through October. When I purchased my ticket, it was $79; however, the closer the date got to Halloween, the higher the ticket cost got. If you’re planning on going, I’d begin to check out the prices.

The event is from 7pm to 12am (ticket holders get a wristband when they walk in that allows them into the party areas) and features fun snacks, new parades and shows, and some other special things. The best news about these tickets, though? The party-goers can get into the park as early as 4pm!

Although I don’t have an annual pass right now, I do think that I’d still purchase the event ticket (in the event that I become a passholder again – which I’m seriously considering!). The crowds weren’t as heavy, the lines weren’t as long, and the decor and ambiance were perfection.

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Although quite a few people were dressed up (almost in cosplay style), lots of people were either in festive clothing or were taking more of a Disney-Bounding approach to their look. Melanie and I ended up sporting some casual Anna and Elsa inspired looks. We didn’t manage to get a good picture of us in our outfits (otherwise I’d post one).

When we went shopping for the looks at Party City.¬†There, in the children’s section, we managed to find headbands, capes, and wands for the princesses. We wore regular clothes (inspired by their signature looks) and I think it was the best option. We weren’t hot, could remove the costumes for some regular shots, and received tons of compliments!


When Melanie and I first arrived at the parks (at 4pm), we walked around, keeping an eye out for the various jack-o-lanterns and other decor, as we strolled down Main Street.

Even though the park was still a bit crowded, due to regular park-goers being there, the lines were short. We looked up wait times and stuff first (while also noting the times of the shows, etc.). We knew that we wanted to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean, Tea Cups, and Space Mountain rides beginning at 7:00, as there were special changes going on in each of those. So, while we waited for the actual event to begin, we rode a few other rides.

The Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad were about 10 minutes each. All the typical photo spots were relatively empty, making it easier to get that perfect shot. It was a dream!

When we did get to ride the three event-themed rides, I learned a few things. One: Space Mountain is more fun in the dark. Two: the Tea Cups make me a little bit sick. Three: I love the Pirates ride and always will.

But those rides weren’t even the best parts. The parade was amazing, the special fireworks show was so beautiful, and the Hocus Pocus themed show was filled with lots of sing-a-longs. The Sanderson sisters made me so prepped for the movie (which I’m planning to watch on October 1st.)

There are also various snack options too. We didn’t end up eating any of the themed snacks but I would totally get one of the little Worms N’ Dirt snacks.

For those with children, there are various spots to pick up some treats, which is such a great idea! There’s also a dance party in Tomorrowland and various character meet and greet spots.

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Well, this year I plan on hitting up Halloween Horror Nights for the last few weekends in September. Adam and I are thinking of getting the Rush of Fear pass. I’m also hoping to convince him to take me to another corn maze (we did one a few years ago that only took, like, two minutes to get through!). Maybe we can even grab a pumpkin and make a jack-o-lantern of our own this year!

When it comes to Disney, I hope to head to the Christmas Party this year, and I have big plans to dress up (cosplay style) at Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party next year.

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