local travel: five favorite places for a drink

I love traveling to exotic places, seeing new sights, eating at new restaurants, and sipping on local drinks. But I also love exploring Orlando and searching for different places. So I’m going to start talking about “local travel” more. Here are my five favorite places for a drink.


Let’s go ahead and start with alcohol. I mean, the weekend is def. almost here! And I’ve got a few ideas of where I might like to hang out this weekend.


Yep, a big favorite of mine for food is also a favorite for drinks. I love the cocktails at SoCo. A few favorites? The Sparkler is delicious. Not too sweet but super feminine, this drink is a classic favorite of mine. I tend to gravitate to this drink when we haven’t been here in a while.

Like gin? The Gin and Juice is another favorite. It was actually the first drink I ever had there, and the bright colors makes the drink a fun summertime cocktail.

The Bear and Peacock

The Bear and Peacock Brewstillery is a fun place to grab drinks with friends. Their craft beers are delicious and, although I haven’t been there too many times, I haven’t had the same thing twice.

Oh, and the last time I went, I noticed that there were beer flights (for those not-sure-what-I-want moments).

But, the best part about The Bear and Peacock? The outdoor area.

There’s giant Jenga and Bocce Ball for those that like to do something while hanging out with friends. But I don’t even mind hanging out on one of the benches, beer in hand while I catch up with friends.

Eola Wine Co.

Like the idea of those beer flights? You’ll like hearing about Eola Wine Company and their wine flights then. This wine bar is near Lake Eola, a large, beautiful lake and park where people take long walks, picnic, and just hang out with loved ones.

There’re tons of wines at this wine bar but, like I said earlier, there are wine flights.

Oh, and the pizza is delicious. The crust is that super thin crust that I love.


Well, we can’t drink all the time; and there are lots of places to pick up a non-alcoholic beverage in Orlando. For those times, here are a few favorites.

Artisan’s Table

I’ve got a thing for Thai Tea but am obsessed with the Vietnamese Iced Coffee at Artisan’s Table. This place has fantastic food. I’ve had several brunches there and have had a few dinners.

But their Vietnamese Iced Coffee is the one thing that keeps me going back – and Artisan’s Table’s little coffee bar makes stepping in for a cold beverage on a hot afternoon simple.

For those that love coffee, I’d recommend checking out Artisan’s Table; there’re tons of different options (oh, and there’s coffee-infused tequila too).

Lake Eola Farmer’s Market

Each Sunday, there’s a fun farmer’s market at Lake Eola. I used to go down there for vegetables, and Adam and I have purchased succulents and other plants from there too. But there’s nothing like the fresh coconuts.

Yep, there’s a little coconut stand there. A man chops off a little piece of the top of a coconut, sticks a straw in it, and takes a few bucks.

Adam and I used to go down to the market (for two months in a row or so!) to grab a coconut. It was such a nice time to hang out, just the two of us, and it was a nice little day date.

What kinds of drinks do you like to get? Do you prefer alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

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