local travel: five best brunches in orlando

I’m not sure which readers out there love brunch as much as I do, but here’s some more info about local Orlando travel; and this one’s all about the five best brunches in Orlando.

Ahh…brunch, the best time of the morning. It’s nice to sleep in, lounging around, tangled in a mess of sheets, waiting until that sensation of hunger crawls into our bellies. And then, the big question: to shower or not to shower?

And after that decision is made, the ultimate decision – where do we go to brunch?

Well, if you’re in Orlando, there are tons of choices.


There are loads of amazing brunches in Orlando but there is something about SoCo that makes me keep coming back. I mean, it doesn’t hurt that it’s within walking distance too – but the food is still the biggest reason.

Let’s face it, if a restaurant services dishes like Quail and Waffles and Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Shrimp and Grits, there’s no way customers will walk away unsatisfied.

And, to top it off, there are homemade Pop Tarts. Whenever Adam and I go to Soco, we have to find out what the Pop Tart is. If it sounds appetizing, we get it for dessert.

Artisan’s Table

I’ve mentioned Artisan’s Table before, when discussing my five favorite places for a drink, and I’m going to discuss their brunch menu too. And let’s face it…I’ll prob. find a way to mention it a third time. It’s that good!

Their brunch is quite inexpensive compared to a few other places Adam and I have visited, which is a huge perk. But it’s still one of the best brunches around.

I consistently get either the Japanese Bowl or one of their quiches. But one of the things that I’ll never get over: their delicious Breakfast Potatoes. I still daydream about them (insert drooling emoji here).

Earl’s Orlando

On mornings that we plan on shopping, we love heading to Earl’s Orlando. Their brunch comes complete with a pitcher of either red or white sangria or homemade mojitos (and more too). Adam and I have had both the red sangria and the mojito.

We both vote for the mojito.

Another great menu item (other than their avo toast, I mean!) is their Chorizo and Mushroom Hash. Oh man, I couldn’t get enough of it. I legit cleared my plate, which is something that I never do!


Benjamin, a French bakery and cafe, is run by women that actually come from France. Ok, I don’t know that for sure but they sound like it to me.

Want something quick? Come here.

This quaint little cafe has food that comes quick with a cute view of the Thornton Park area. The best thing? The sign out front states various prices for coffee (including a lower price when the customer follows the order with a “please”). I absolutely love this detail.

Oh, and be sure to take home some macarons for dessert!

The Ravenous Pig

So, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been to The Ravenous Pig since it took over what was previously known as Cask and Larder (which has moved to the airport), but if the brunch is ANYTHING like their dinner, it’s spectacular.

Looking at their menu, I’ve already spotted the avo toast and the Southern Benedict – don’t even get me started on the fact that there are scones on the menu too! – and am making a mental list of what I’ll be getting.

But, even though I haven’t been to The Ravenous Pig’s brunch, their sister restaurant (Cask and Larder) had delicious options. Not to mention the fact that the interior is stunning. They’ve definitely mastered the ambiance, and this is one reason that I keep coming back.

Oh, and their cool, trendy uniforms too.

So, heading to Orlando or from the area? Grab some brunch in a place other than the theme parks. Orlando has some legit food. Check it out.

Got a favorite place for brunch. Let me know!

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