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Ever since Adam and I moved to Orlando, I’ve been testing out various restaurants and other locations around town for a post like this. We’ve been here for two years now and these are our favorite and (in our opinion) the best date night spots in Orlando.

The Ravenous Pig

The Ravenous Pig is one of my favorite local restaurants. Adam and I go through stages, where we frequent the restaurant, and then others, where we almost forget about it.

It changed locations some time ago and we still haven’t been back. Not going to lie, I’m a bit saddened about the end of one of our favorite brunch spots, Cask and Larder, but Ravenous Pig cannot be compared with.

I still remember our first date there. The menu is seasonal and ever-changing. That night, there was a chocolate tart on the menu. It was the best tart I’ve ever had. Period.

Dinner and a Movie Downtown

The downtown Orlando theatre, like most theatres these days, serves food and alcohol. Whenever Adam and I go see a movie, we can’t pass up on a bucket of beer (five bottles of your choice are served in a bucket). I always drink two and Adam drinks three.

If we go and we’re not starving, we end up getting popcorn. But, if we are there around dinnertime, we end up ordering food. The food, although far from gourmet, isn’t bad. I’ve chosen the chicken tenders and a burger before. Both were find and the convenience of nomming on the food while staring at the giant movie screen is like nothing else.

Rooftop Bars

We have a few rooftop bars that we love. The first one that always comes to mine, Hanson’s Shoe Repair, is a romantic, dimly lit prohibition-themed bar. It’s the perfect Instagram location but the dim lights means it’d be a better photo spot when the sun’s still up.

There are also tons of spots in Downtown Disney, like STK and Morimoto, that offer great rooftop locations. The California Grill at their Contemporary Resort, is also a great spot. Late at night, you can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks. It’s such a beautiful and romantic sight!

What’s Next

The next thing on the list of things I’d like to try for date night? The various dessert restaurants around town. I can’t wait to visit The Glass Knife, a new spot in Winter Park that serves deliciousness. I’d also like to visit a wine bar at some point. I think we’d enjoy both spots equally.

What kinds of things do you like doing on date nights? Food? Activities?

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