lady in red [valentino]

When it comes to designers, there are quite a few that I’ve fallen in love with. I love Ulla Johnson, Jonathan Simkhai, Chanel, Dior, and (of course) Red Valentino. When this pale pink beauty popped up on the Unlimited section of Rent the Runway, I knew I had to get it. So, here’s the post about me, the lady in Red [Valentino].

I knew I’d end up finding some place to wear this drop waist dress; and, knowing that we had an important upcoming meeting, I chose to wear it at work. Pairing it with tights and flats made me feel as though it was totes appropriate for school. I’d pair it with heels for a date night with the hubs or wear it with lace-up flats (sans tights) for a girls brunch.

I can’t find the dress online, for those interested, but here are some similar Red Valentino dresses, here and here. The second one sports a collar and has long sleeves. I love how feminine it is. Oh, and the first one would be perfect for New Years.

But, for those interested in this specific dress, it’s here (available for purchase on RtR). It is over the normal price point for Dreaming of Dior but you could always rent it. Ever since I started renting clothes from RtR, I’ve looked at my closet differently.

But, I won’t mention that now. I’ll be talking about why I think all women should invest in a clothing rental service later…so stick around (or come back!).

As for a life update: I still haven’t managed to drag the hubs out to take pictures of me. Not much of an update, is that? Oh well…I guess the lack of pictures is some weird thing I have, one where I really want him to take pictures of me, and I mention it…but then I never actually ask him to take any.

I mean, I practically throw the camera at him when we’re on vacation. But when we’re home I can’t bring myself to be like that.

I honestly have no idea why; but, in the end, I end up attempting to take pictures myself (either by propping the camera/iPhone somewhere or resorting to mirror pics). Well, you’re about to get some mirror pics now. So please, enjoy!

A note to all of my readers: I still haven’t cleaned the mirror. It’s really only when I blow the photos up this big that I notice. By then…it’s too late; the clothing is in transit.

Nonetheless, let’s get back to the conversation. Who out there loves wearing dresses? Despite loving a great, comfy pants outfit, I’m obsessed with dresses.

Tell me about your thoughts. Comment below!

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