keeping warm in bb dakota

Oh, BB Dakota, how I love thee. I’ve been obsessing over their coats ever since a favorite blogger of mine, Vicki from Fashion Travel Repeat, posted a shot of her wearing one. So, when this black and red plaid one popped up, I knew I had to get it.

For those living in colder climates, this wouldn’t be appropriate to wear in the winter time; our temperatures don’t drop far below the 50s (at least not in Orlando), making this wool coat the heaviest I need to wear. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop pretending that the big fur coats I’m wearing (that are so in right now, btw) are weather appropriate!

But, back to the beautiful BB Dakota coat I’ve been attempting to write about. I found this coat on (who guessed it?!) Rent the Runway. The length was just right for me and, even thought it was a bit on the boxier side, it looked good. I loved the flared sleeves. It added a feminine touch, which is something I seem to always seek.

I chose to pair the coat with black skinnies and a slim grey sweater. Since the coat didn’t nip in at the waist, I knew it’d be best to keep the rest of the outfit more form-fitting.

Since I didn’t have the coat, or the Kate Spade bag I wrote about in the previous post, the Byrdie Crossbody Bag, I had to wear it again.

I can’t find it online (it appears to be sold out at all the retailers I visited) but it does come in different patterns, for those that like the style but not the look or colors. I will state that, for a smaller bag, it holds a lot! It’s hard to find a bag like that.

Now, the coat, the Hewes Flare Sleeve Coat, can definitely be bought! Even though it isn’t in my normal price point, I would totes order it. I’d love to pair it with a belt, over a dress or skirt next time around.

Wanna purchase it? Visit BB Dakota.

For those that don’t want to…would you wear a coat with flared sleeves?

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