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The main reason I decided to focus on fashion (and travel) on Dreaming of Dior is that lots of the bloggers that I admire wear clothes that I can’t afford. But, even though I refuse to spend a lot of cash on lots of items, there are some items that’re ok to splurge on.

I’m going to start with items that I’ll spend more than the normal $60 on and then I’ll move up to items that I’ll spend more than $100 on.


Yep, I’m that girl. I’ll splurge to take care of my skin, especially when it comes to my face. One thing that I’ve purchased for more than $60: Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Eye Cream. This product is an absolute favorite.

I’m also obsessed with Dior’s Miss Dior perfume.


While most of my skinnies are under $60, I have purchased denim (because everyone needs good jeans) that’ve been $60 or more. I think that, if the jeans fit and make you feel good, you should get them.

When I discovered petite jeans, I decided it was time to spend a little more. I guess we all have that moment.


Although it’s quite warm in Florida, there are a few cool mornings and nights. Adam and I travel too and this winter I’ll probably end up in the mountains at some point.

Outerwear is super important. And I’m totes ok with spending a bit more on outerwear.

I love the trench coat I picked up at Banana Republic Factory last year and I love the leather jacket I picked up a few years ago.


I’ve said it once and I’ll mention it again – when I find a pair of shoes (size 4 😐 ladies) I have to get them. I’ve spent over $100 on a lot of the shoes I own because I found them.

The ones that I’ve most noticeably spend more than $100 on? Tory Burch flats and any/all of the boots that I have.


Obvi, I’m also willing to spend more than $100 on a purse. I had a few Coach purses in my day and also love the Kate Spade bags I have. As you all know, I’m looking to really splurge on a designer purse…you can read about that here and here.


I would never purchase a nice pair of sunnies for myself. I don’t lose them anymore but I do tend to carry smaller purses, which means there won’t be enough room for a case. And that would – obvi – mean that I’d risk scratching or damaging them.

Another thing that I won’t overspend on: accessories (hats, scarves, jewels, etc.). I tend to be a bit more minimal with the clothes that I wear so I end up purchasing trendier accessories.

Obvi, if I’m getting a super trendy hat (like those summertime, wide-brimmed hats with script across them), I shouldn’t waste a ton of money on it. It might not be cool next time around.

So…what are things you’re willing to splurge on? And what won’t you splurge on?

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