i’m giving up underwire bras

So…I’m giving up underwire bras. I never, ever understood how people could complain about how uncomfortable underwire was.

But, somehow, as of late, I’ve grown to feel that same discomfort.

Underwire bras have begun to ride up. The actual underwire doesn’t remain in its intended spot. It comes up and I’m left pulling it down, sometimes in the open at home and other times in hiding at work.

And if there isn’t something wrong with the actual underwire, the straps are either too tight or too loose.

To be honest, I don’t know how I lasted this long.

I wonder if it’s this weird, innate societal thing (the whole, bigger boobs are sexier thing) and now that I’m married, I couldn’t care less.

I’m not sure. But I do feel like the discomfort was more-or-less sudden.

These bras aren’t too old, either. I purchased them in the spring. I feel like I’ve had bras that lasted longer than two seasons. And I didn’t even wear a lot of bras this summer; most items were either cold shoulder, strapless, or featured thin straps.

And that means that I went braless for a lot of the summer. That or those backless bras, although that stuff didn’t stick so well during the hottest months.

And now that I’m giving up underwire, and prob. padded and push-up bras too, I’ve got to move on.

So the question is: what next?


The most obvious choice is a bralette.

I’ve found a few cute ones at Forever 21, here and here. I love that these bralettes are super cheap but are also on trend. And there are multiple varieties. If I want to feel cute, I can feel cute; but, if I want to feel a bit sexier, I can get a bralette that makes me feel sexier.

Aerie’s even got some padded bralettes too. I love this one and am obsessed with the back of this one.

Most bralettes are textured, with lace or other details. This Aerie, Real Me bralette would be great to wear with a tee. I love how simple it is but am worried about the lack of padding.


Of course, I could also – obvi! – go for wireless bras (for those times that I need a bit more coverage). I’m loving some of these from Victoria’s Secret, here and here.

There’re also a few from their Pink line that I’m digging. Check those out here and here.

So has anyone else out there given up on underwire?

If so, tell me all about it! Comment below!

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