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Well ladies and gents, it’s Valentine’s tomorrow. FYI – I don’t get super excited or into it. But, just because I don’t go all out to show Adam just how much I love him, doesn’t mean that we don’t do something. So, here are some simple ideas for Valentine’s.

Get dressed up and make dinner together.

This year, since I do (attempt to do) a lot of the cooking, Adam will be making me a delicious dinner. He will even be going to the grocery store to get the ingredients – which is a lot for him, since he hates going to Publix.

Go to a theme park over the weekend.

I mean, we’re pretty darn lucky in Orlando and, especially now that Disney tickets are sooo cheap for residents ($159 for three days – woohoo!), it’s worth a trek over to the famed parks.

My sister and her bf will be hitting up the parks over the weekend. Not gonna lie, I’m a bit jealous…maybe I’ll go to the beach?

Go out just to grab dessert – or coffee and dessert.

In Orlando, there are tons of restaurants that specialize in desserts. The Glass Knife and Better Than Sex are two places that I’m dying to go to – but haven’t been (yet).

Going out and grabbing a delicious dessert (either after or instead of dinner) is a fun way to celebrate without being too cheesy…well, unless the interior is decorated like crazy. Maybe try it over the weekend?

Get a massage.

I guess this is a little more Valentine-ish, but for those that get massages on the (mostly) regular, this isn’t that big of a leap. For those with kids, testing season is about to start. For those in the classroom, we’re in for the long haul before Spring Break. For those that have to work year round…I don’t know how you do it.

Anyway, let’s move on.

Have a normal movie/Netflix-binge hang out – but add the popcorn.

I don’t know about you, but Adam and I either watch movies or binge on tv shows on the regular. When we add a bag of popcorn, the night is instantly “elevated” (haha!). It’s just that a bit more effort makes a night feel different when compared to the normal movie night.

Ok, so enough about Valentine’s – let’s talk about the outfit. This sweater, from The Kooples, which can be found here, was the perfect loose sweater for me. Although it wasn’t cropped, it was the perfect length. The button detail on this cashmere sweater was perfect for a weekend outfit. I loved wearing loose waves and mules with it.

I (obvi) found this amazing piece on RtR. There are lots of other loose sweaters on the site, for those that are still living near sweater weather. I’ll be getting prepped for spring-time clothes down here, though.

I hope that the warmer weather comes to your home soon!

Until then, tell me – what are you planning for the “big” holiday?


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