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Ladies and gents, avid readers and HP nuts, please continue to read in order to join our HP book club. Ok, even those that haven’t managed to feign interest in the whole wizarding-world craze should contemplate joining. I mean it; it’ll be fun!

What’s this book club involve? Not much.

Rule #1: Read the sections that we (Kiana – muh lil’ sis – and I) read.

Rule #2: Jot down the one quote that stuck out – whether because it means something or it’s hilarious – in each chapter.

Rule #3: Join the rest of the conversation here.


In the first section, Kiana and I planned to read up until our main character, the famous HP, arrived at Hogwarts. She and I have read the series (more than once, I might add) but we’ve been missing Hogwarts and wanted to return. I mean, it’s been far too long since we graduated from Hogwarts ourselves!

We just had to go back. Haha! (Ok, who else is depressed about Hogwarts not sending their letters? I’m sure mine got lost).


Kiana loved the foreshadowing that we don’t notice during our first read. I mean, characters, such as Griphook, Sirius, and Dedalus Diggle were all mentioned in the beginning; at first, these characters seem minor, unimportant, but we will find out later how important they are to, not just the book but to Harry too.

I loved reading about the beginnings of Harry and Hagrid’s relationship and making note of the differences between the movie and book. For one, Hagrid seemed a bit meaner when dealing with those Muggles (the Dursleys) in the little wooden shack. Harry and Malfoy’s first encounter was a bit different, and their anger/hatred toward each other was a bit more intense than the movie depicts.

When it came to the quotes, the one that I just couldn’t get enough of was found in Chapter 2. The quote is, as follows: “Aunt Petunia looked as though she swallowed a lemon.”

I almost choked on the Merlot I was sipping as I read through the first couple chapters and Charlie, the best cat in the world, got scared and jumped off my lap. She’s definitely no Professor McGonagall.

Kiana loved the quote that first describes Harry’s first experience in Diagon Alley. She mentioned the following quote: “Harry wished he had about eight more eyes.”

She said that it reminded her of the first time she stepped into Diagon Alley at Universal. She said that she, too, was overwhelmed by all the happenings and sights.

After our discussion, we decided that we needed to read about 80 more pages, up until the chapter about the Mirror of Erised.


Now that you’ve seen the parts that need to be read (and our fave parts – I know it’s a spoiler but I’m sure we’ve all seen the movies) please join us. Take the week to read the same chapters and comment with your favorite quotes.

We’d love for you to join our convo. XOXO.

PS: To join the conversation and participate in real time, please consider joining our group on FB: click here.

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