How to Spend a Weekend in Denver

Adam and I traveled to Denver last weekend for a wedding. Even though we participated in various wedding activities, including the actual wedding and a cocktail hour the evening before, we tried to do a few things on our own. We walked around downtown, tested out a few restaurants, and meandered through a farmer’s market. Heading to Denver? Read all about how to spend a weekend in Denver.


Adam and I ended up grabbing a room at The Maven Hotel, a stunning and unique hotel located near lower downtown. This modern and urban accommodation showcases some beautiful architecture and art. The design of the hotel room was right out of my daydreams. With industrial storage units, a large rain shower, concrete accents, and the most amazing tile, I didn’t even want to leave. Our room also featured a balcony that looked out over Dairy Block and an amazing chaise lounge that got far more use than the typical hotel room chair.


When Adam and I arrived, we took an Uber ride to Denver. On the way back, we took the train, which ended up being cheaper for the two of us. If you’re traveling in a group, splitting an Uber might be as cost effective; however, I didn’t mind the train ride at all. It was nice, clean, and it wasn’t overly crowded.

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As Adam and I walked around Denver, I first noticed that it was clean. It appeared to be pretty empty (but that could have been because it was a holiday weekend) and it was easy to navigate. When Adam and I walked around, in search of some food, we found that things were relatively close together.

The lower downtown area, specifically the area around Diary Block, was so nice. It reminded me of an area I’d like to live in. And, if the neighborhood we lived in featured more of a modern than a historical vibe, I imagined it’d be a lot like Dairy Block.

The alleyway that we looked over featured lots of art, including murals and these fun musical pieces that would play music as you turned a wheel, and restaurants. There was a game of cornhole, a place that served ice cream and donuts (I’d love that combo on a hot afternoon!), and much more.


Since Adam and I were in Denver for a wedding, we ended up eating a small dinner and brunch in Denver. However, we grabbed drinks at a fun “social club” that I can’t wait to talk about.

Our first meal, chorizo queso and tacos at Kachina Cantina was so delicious. The weather in Denver is so nice in the evenings. We sat outside, nomming on the delicious food while we prepped for our cocktail hour evening with the couple and friends. The food was good, the service was great, and the atmosphere was fun.

The one thing I was sad about? The taco that I ate fell apart as I picked it up. The meat splashed in it’s sauce and then all over the shirt that I planned to wear. I’ve learned two things: even I can’t go without spilling stuff on myself and I should just eat tacos with a fork from now on.

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On the afternoon we were leaving, we had brunch at Viewhouse Ballpark, a mix of a sports bar and casual rooftop dining. The view was amazing, the mimosas were generous, and the atmosphere was relaxed.

Tip: Make a reservation for brunch. Adam and I wanted to go to two other restaurants but, when we got there, the wait was either too long (and I was starting) or there were no tables available.

The last place we visited, Poka Lola Social Club, was on the bottom floor of our hotel. This was the bar of my dreams. The tile floors were giving me love eyes, the drinks were strong (quite strong, actually), and the ambiance was cool with a touch of romance. I’d love to have a place like this in Orlando. I know it’d be overly crowded though – all the cool spots are.

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While Adam and I found time to walk around, we didn’t do too much. We did wander through a farmer’s market, which happened to be at Union Station on Saturday morning, and we took a wonderful drive outside of Denver, to some beautiful waterfront property for the wedding.

However, some of the things that I’d do if we went back include:

  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Renting a Bird Scooter
  • Hiking – Duh!
  • Skiing/Snow Activities

I guess we’re gonna have to go back – this list is kind of long. Oh well, I don’t mind. I mean, who doesn’t like traveling to a destination more than once? Idk about you but I love going back to placed I enjoy.

So who out there has been to Denver? If you have, let me know what I’m missing. I’d love to have an idea of what to do, where to go, and what to eat when I’m there next.

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