how to achieve that “blogger look” in the real world

Part 1 of 2

Yes, it’s so true. We love bloggers. We love their outfits. And yet, there’s something so unrealistic about some of the items worn. Well, I’m here to talk about how to take that quintessential blogger look and wear it in the real world.

I got this idea from a post I stumbled upon (using Stumble Upon of course – follow me here!) by Aria di Bari. You can read her post here.

In this post, she talked about the blogger look and how it’s unrealistic at times. I mean, I love the looks that my favorite bloggers wear but – and honestly, I didn’t even pay attention to it until Aria pointed it out! – she’s right. No one ever wears a couture dress for a day of exploring the city streets.

No one wears pumps on the cobblestone streets of some of my favorite European cities.

No one wears sweaters or denim when it’s a million degrees out.

But bloggers do because they (we) are planning content for their (our) blogs. And, to be honest, not all of the content we plan is appropriate for the weather or activity.

This is a real career for a lot of the bloggers out there; and the content created from such a career provides an endless amount of fashion inspiration for us all.

So, in order to turn that inspiration into something usable, I’m going to talk about how to achieve that “blogger look” in the real world.

Well…here we go!

Heels, heels – all the time.

Every outfit I fall in love with ends up looking best with heels. It’s a true and depressing dilemma to deal with, especially because heels work great when at work or when going on a dinner date with Adam, but not when we’re hanging out with friends or exploring downtown on a weekend night.

When we’re traveling, the only reason I pack a pair of heels is because we end up going out on one nice dinner date. Don’t even get me started about the time I tried to wear a cute pair of heeled sandals in San Juan. The endless complaints – both internal and outward – ruined the afternoon.

Now, when it comes to wearing heels, well, the only other option is to…not wear them.

Shocking, right?

But that’s where our blogger friends have come to the rescue again. And they’ve shown us how to achieve the flawless, fashionable look without heels.

As usual, all images link back to each bloggers’ original post.

Blogger, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam has shown us, once again, that feminine dresses can be paired with flats. Pointed slingbacks, like Julia’s are the perfect alternative to pumps or heels – and they’re a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Or, if you’re into a feminine and chic pair of pants, choose a pair of fun loafers, like Julia’s leopard print pair.

For those that are a bit less feminine with their style, I love how Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion pairs mules with an all-black ensemble. There’s something so perfect about this look (and I just have to add that this look is the epitome of blogger style – effortless and chic).

Or, for those that like to add a bit more color, Christine paired the same mules with denim and a blazer. Both of her looks incorporate the third piece rule, which I discussed here, but she didn’t need heels to elevate either outfit.

Dresses that should be worn to dinner – or to a nice bar.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that whole I’m-walking-around-this-beautiful-town-in-a-couture-dress vibe that some bloggers pull off.

Now, I’m unsure if these are just pictures for content (and then the bloggers change out of them, opting for a more real-world-appropriate outfit) or if it’s the real deal, but it’s difficult for most of us to justify wearing our nice dresses for everyday activities.

However, on the other hand, if you’re anything like me, you never end up wearing those dresses – at all.

So, once again, our blogger friends are here to rescue us.

And there’s no one better than Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, who loves beautiful and fancy dresses. While she is often seen sporting heels in her pictures, I’ve snagged a few where she’s wearing flats, showing that these nice dresses work with shoes that sport a more casual vibe.

And, not gonna lie, she’s beginning to change my mind!

I mean, I would definitely wear that floral dress to a nice dinner with Adam but those colorful flats and straw hat/bag combo make me think that it could be worn out to lunch or out on the town. Plus, it would make a great fashion post (duh!).

And that bright dress has me giving major love eyes – I admire Blair for her strong sense-of-self and confidence with fashion; she’s always taking risks! She paired a simple pair of espadrilles with that dress, proving, once again, that it can be done.

I’d wear the bright dress (on a cooler Florida afternoon, of course!) on an afternoon exploring one of our local parks or gardens. It looks so great for picnicking – and I wouldn’t mind sipping on rosè, people watching in a fabulous outfit like Blair’s.

Heck, even a dress I’d wear to work feels more casual when paired with flats.

And if Blair Eadie can wear a super nice dress out in the street, so can I…I just need to sport casual shoes. The key is to sport the right casual shoes. Hmmm…that might be it’s own dilemma to post about.

Well, that’s all for now. Part two will arrive shortly and we’ll discuss more blogger looks that we always see – along with more realistic ways to wear them.

Want me to discuss a specific look or item of clothing that bloggers wear? Leave a comment below!

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