gozo and the blue lagoon

Another stop along our tour around the Mediterranean was Gozo. This little island is super close to Malta and is a spectacular stop. Both islands are beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back to explore some more; but, we’re going to talk about Gozo first.

Adam and I weren’t in Gozo for too long, but it was the perfect amount of time; we arrived at 8 am and left at 5 pm for Malta that evening.

On this day, we were celebrating Adam’s birthday, so we did what he wanted to do. This, in all honesty, was difficult for me. I liked to start each day with an idea of two or three things I wanted to see or visit. Letting Adam – who didn’t plan a thing! – be the line leader worried me.

However, we ended up having a great time! After getting off the boat, we explored the little area right around the port, getting lost in the narrow streets and climbing up a huge hill to catch a glimpse of the view.

After wandering around for a while, we went back to the port, where we caught a boat and headed to the beautiful little island of Comino. Adam was excited to pull out his Go Pro and take it in the clear waters, and it seemed like the perfect birthday activity for him – if only we had brought some snorkel gear!

But, even just the sight of the water was enough to bring a smile to our faces. We didn’t need snorkel gear to enjoy the lagoon at all.

For those that plan on traveling to Gozo – or even to Malta – the Blue Lagoon is a must-see spot. Although it was a little crowded, we had a wonderful time (and there’s nothing better than people watching, am I right?!).

Be prepared to purchase a chair (or two); and it’s important to note that Adam and I couldn’t go in the water together, since one of us had to be the passport protector.

Either way, we were still able to enjoy the experience. I’d totally recommend Malta (which you’ll hear about later!) and Gozo to every traveler out there.

Have you ever swam in water so beautiful and clear? If so, tell me where!

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