five wardrobe essentials

In Florida, the weather is hot and humid. What I’ve learned from living here for the past ten years is that there is one season, with a cold spell somewhere in between, and that season is summer.

Yep, some would say that living in a permanent summer is the definition of pure paradise; but it does make it hard to truly enjoy some seasonal trends.

At least there are wardrobe essentials and, although ours might look a little different down here in Florida, they’re still staples that every woman should have in her closet.

These wardrobe essentials can be worn multiple times and will always have a place among your trendy pieces. They’re timeless, easily transitioning from summer to “fall” to “winter” (a big haha to the whole two weeks of winter we had last year!!!) to spring.

So, without further ado, here are the five wardrobe essentials.


There wouldn’t be a good wardrobe essentials list out there without denim. In Florida, a good, comfortable pair of cutoff denim shorts is a must. I can wear mine with a graphic tee for an afternoon at the theme parks. I can pair them with a blouse and block heels for a casual dinner out. I love the look of denim cutoffs with a button-down for a day of running errands; and they help to transition our hot Florida summer into a comfortable Florida winter.

Down here, denim cutoffs can be dressed up or down. I can wear them to brunch or out for a night downtown. This, and their effortless Cali-cool look, makes them the perfect staple.

White Button-Down

I guess I kind of mentioned button-down shirts when talking about those denim cutoffs, so I’ll head straight into that. I am obsessed with button-down shirts.

I love wearing them half tucked with a pair of skinnies and sneaks for a casual look. For those that work, these can be tucked into any color pant or skirt.

You can even follow trends by grabbing a white button-down with fun sleeves or one that’s deconstructed.

Personally, I’d stick with a plain, old, classic button-down for a first purchase. Then, depending on how much I used or over-used the white button-down, I’d consider purchasing something a little trendier.

Black Pants

Oh, another age-old essential: the black pant. Now, depending on where you are in life, this could be a good pair of black denim or it could be black pants. I happen to have a pair of each.

Black pants, just like those denim cutoffs every Florida girl better have in their closet, go with everything.

Half-tucking a blouse into a cropped pair and throwing on some sneaks? Ohhh YES!!

Pairing a pair of skinny pants with a graphic tee and a pair of menswear flats? Yes, please.

Wearing those black pants on a date with a little tank and a dainty gold necklace? Siiign me up – because black pants can be worn all of the time.

Cute and Comfortable Sneaks

Sneakers. We all need a pair of cute and comfortable ones.

I love pairing them with dresses, pants – denim or another material – and skirts. There’s something effortless about that look.

Plus, I can take an elevated look down by pairing it with sneakers; and, I can still plan travel outfits that include dresses and skirts, or a pair of nice shorts. My favorite kinds to wear with dresses are espadrilles (or sneakerdrilles) or Converse. I’ve also worn my Adidas with a dress or two.

Graphic Tee

OHHH YES! We all need a good graphic tee in our lives. I love tucking a cute graphic tee into a feminine skirt for a fun brunch outfit or with a pair of work pants when I get home (depending on what kind of shirt I wore to work and if I’m willing to look “worky” when we go out to grab sushi).

I’m a huge fan of tees with fun sayings on them or ones with cute fonts. Old band tees or logo tees that show off your favorite brands are also cute. And there are a few with cut-outs and other trendier spins.

Even larger tees can be tucked into high-waisted jeans for a casual look. And I could probably keep going with possible outfit combinations.

Graphic tees are seriously a good staple in any wardrobe. Heck, I even wear some of mine to bed.

So, now that you know what my five wardrobe essentials are, tell me about yours. Is there something that you’d remove or change on this list?

Let me know – leave a comment below! I love hearing from you!


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