five tips that make packing a breeze

I’m about to start packing for a quick trip up north (ok, it’s to northern Florida!) to visit family. While I do tend to wait till the last minute to pack, it doesn’t ever end up in chaos. I’ve created a system that I consistently use. Since the various posts and comments I’ve read indicate that a lot of people have trouble packing, I decided to share my five tips that make packing a breeze.

For those that are wondering what to pack for quick trips, I posted about what to pack for a weekend trip earlier this year. Click here to check it out.


Under my sink, I keep a separate baggie of travel-sized skincare items. It has the various products I love and use most. These are already in a bag that I just slip into my suitcase. All I have to do is pack my makeup after I put it on the morning I leave.

With that, I just pack the items after I use them. Unless I’m doing something special, like attending an event, I make sure not to pack random extras. I’m a blogger but I’m not going to wear special, couture outfits or lipstick that matches each outfit. That’s not me (all the time) and I’m not going to look like some fake version of myself on social media.

This limits the amount of time I spend wondering what to bring as I rifle through the various make-up products I own. Doing this, I’m less stressed and more likely to finish packing in one round (aka no breaks).


I tend to pack in outfits. I use little packing cubes and plan the outfits out, stuffing everything from socks and bras into the packing cube with the clothes. This ensures that I’m not forgetting things and helps me to limit overpacking.

I will admit that I tend to pack three times the amount of underwear I need (but that’s normal) and I do opt to pack an extra shirt or two if there’s room, but I will usually stick to the minimal amount (aka the outfits).

If I’m not sure of something, I’ll try it on. This also helps me to plan the shoes that I need and, if I’m going on a longer trip, I will take snaps of the outfits so that I remember what I’ve got going on.


For some reason, I always pack the “coming home” outfit first. This is the easiest outfit to pack and it helps to get it out of the way. Plus, shoving it into the bottom of the suitcase is the way to go, since it probably won’t see the light of day for a few days.

For me, this “coming home” outfit is a pair of leggings, a tee, and the heaviest/biggest sweater or coat I’m bringing. I tend to follow the wear-the-biggest-layer-when-you-travel rule, so that there’s more room in the suitcase, which means that I wear the largest piece back home too.

Packing this outfit first also gives me a nice feeling of success, and there’s nothing I love more than congratulating myself (I mean, who doesn’t like that little feeling of pride at an accomplishment?!). This helps to keep me going and makes the next things come more easily.


When it comes to packing, I also tend to stick to the same basic formula. I always pack denim, so I know I need weather appropriate tops to go with the denim. This outfit usually gets picked out second.

Then, I tend to pack at least one dress (because who doesn’t love a good dress!?). I’ll choose the dress depending on the shoes I’ve got for the leggings and the skinnies outfit. For example, if I’ve packed sneaks and a pair of flats already, I’ll try to choose a dress that works with the pair of flats (or sneaks) I’ve got. If I’ve chosen not to wear sneaks (which never happens!) I will pick shoes with a dress because, when it comes to packing shoes, I tend to bring no more than three pairs).


I make it as relaxing as possible. I’ll pour a glass of wine, put on a mask (not a Halloween one!) or some under eye jellies, and dance/sing to my favorite jams as I pack.

This helps to make it all seem less like a chore (all while ensuring that I do get through it in one round!).

You have any packing tips I’ve missed? Let me know!

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