Five Things to do when Visiting Epcot

Epcot is a favorite theme park of mine. Visit places without spending cash on flights, hotels, and more; taste food that’s reminiscent of the local food; and see replicas of some of the famous sights. What’s even more famous is the ever-popular drink around the world, which I’ve attempted more than once. As a previous annual passholder, I know a thing or two about Epcot. I won’t ever claim to be an Epcot expert, but I’ve got some tips and tricks. So, without further ado, here are five things to do when visiting Epcot.

At this point, I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m not a current annual passholder. Well, it’s pretty simple. Adam isn’t a huge Disney fan and most of the people we hang out with are married or dating someone. Those that have an annual pass have a significant other with a pass. If I got a pass, my significant other wouldn’t. It’s just easier to go to Universal.

But we aren’t here to talk about Universal. We’re here to talk about Epcot.


When I used to go to Epcot, you couldn’t get a FastPass for both Soarin’ and Test Track. I’d totally recommend opting for the Soarin’ FastPass. While both Soarin’ and Test Track are fun, you can choose single rider for Test Track. It’s still enjoyable, even for those that really wanted to do the create-your-own-car thing. I enjoy seeing how the other cars do and so will you.

One thing I’d skip? Mission Space. I don’t suffer from motion sickness on a lot of rides, but this one gets me every time. For those that are still dying to try it? Head for the less intense version. If this doesn’t make you sick, go back for the more intense one. The line isn’t that long and it isn’t work it – feeling sick for hours afterward.

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The World Showcase opens up at 11:00 am and I’d definitely recommend heading back there, and choosing to turn toward Mexico at 11:00.

I almost always step into the Mexico Pavilion, ride the little ride, take some snaps around the beautiful and nearly empty interior, and then pop in for a margarita. My favorite? The cucumber margarita. It’s delicious and refreshing.

After that, keep going. If you get to Norway fast enough, there’s a small chance that you could get on Frozen Ever After without a FastPass (but this has happened just once or twice for me). It’s a risk, but if you weren’t able to secure a FastPass for the ride, I’d totally go for it. If you love the movie (and the songs) you’ll love the ride!


For those that don’t (or can’t) drink at each country, I’d recommend getting a drink at the following places. The first is obviously a margarita (at the little bar/restaurant inside the Mexico Pavilion) but I’d wait until you reach the Germany Pavilion for the second drink. My favorite is the Schofferhofer Grapefruit Beer but all of their hefeweizens are delicious. You could even opt for a delicious pretzel too!

The third drink I recommend is the Grey Goose Citron Slush near the France Pavilion. It’s perfect for a hot, hot summer day. Next? Test out a Snakebite and Black at the Rose & Crown at the England Pavilion…but don’t attempt to order one in England. I tried. No one wants to make it. I still haven’t figured out why.

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Looking for an amazing place to take some shots? Morocco is the place for this. There are beautiful tiles, symmetrical (and obvi visually pleasing) rooms, and it’s quiet. Each time I walk through Morocco it’s quiet. The snaps that are taken here don’t have crowds of people behind you, which makes it easy to get a good Insta-worthy shot.

Another favorite place for a shot? Snow White’s wishing well. It’s easy to get this snap without a crowd of people behind you either. Oh, and want a snap of the famous “golf ball”? Take it in the morning. When you reach the edge of the lake (the one that’s in the center of the World Showcase) turn around and take a snap. There won’t be many people around, which makes for a great view of the park’s icon.


Epcot has a lot to see but it can very easily be done in one day. There’s no need to rush around in an attempt to see everything. Believe me, I’ve been there enough to know that it can be done (even with nice, long breaks in between).

Epcot is such a beautiful park that allows us the opportunity to travel without even leaving our backyard…ok, well Disney is kind of my backyard. For you, i guess it’s a little further. Nonetheless, it totally satiates my wanderlust, even if just for a few weeks.

Walk slow, sip on those delicious drinks I recommended, stand in line at Frozen Ever After (believe me, it’ll feel so nice on a hot, summer day), and visit The Land (also a great ride!). Take it slow. You’ll be able to hit all five of my tips and more in a day.

Now get your little magic bands out there! Oh – and have fun!

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