Five Things to do in Sedona

While Adam and I ventured outside of Sedona during our time in Arizona, we also made sure that we spent some time there – I mean, we did plan our trip there after all! On the day we spent there, we roamed around outdoors, hiking; however, there are a few things that I wanted to do that we didn’t have time for. I’m including those on this list as well, which means that there won’t be photos for each section. No big deal, though; we plan on going back sometime. So here are five things to do in Sedona.


One of the best things that we did on our trip was our hike to Cathedral Rock. We took various trails, including Templeton, to get there. This all happened because I had to eat breakfast. Believe me, it didn’t feel great, driving around the main parking lot and seeing no open spaces – and the idea of driving five or six miles from Cathedral Rock, only to walk back, didn’t sound so great. However, it was so worth it!

The trail was so wonderful. It was the perfect level of difficulty to get there and back. Now, if we’re being honest, I didn’t get up to the top of cathedral rock. I’m not the best climber in the world and, once we hit a certain point, I knew it wasn’t a good idea for me to keep going. Adam made it all the way, though – which I’m super proud of! – and he got some spectacular pictures too.

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There are tons of other hikes to go on too, including Devil’s Bridge, Loy Canyon, and Bell Rock. All of these spots looked amazing, and I hope that we go back to hike some of them one day.


While Adam and I didn’t get to Tlaquepaque, I’m totally adding this on the list of our to-do’s for the next trip. This adorable arts district looks like a stunning place to grab some photos. If you scroll through Pinterest, there’s a whole lot of inspo for this beautiful shopping center.

From the prettiest little corners to the eclectic shops, Tlaquepaque is just one artistic part of town. The whole of Sedona is cute and artistic. It’s such a nice place to drive through.


As you might all know, Adam and I took a day trip to Horseshoe Bend and Upper Antelope. This day trip was so worth it. I found that Horseshoe Bend is one of my most favorite views (of all time – so far!) and Antelope Canyon was definitely something worth seeing. It was amazing, the difference between the narrowest and widest parts. To find out more, read the post.

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Some other day trip ideas? You could do one of the Pink Jeep Tours, visit the various swimming holes (if you go in the summertime), or go four-wheeling. There are also wineries and other ancient finds/sights.


At our hotel, L’Auberge de Sedona, there was a beautiful restaurant called Cress. It’s right along the creek and it’s such a romantic spot for dinner. Now, Adam and I didn’t get to eat at Cress – going at Thanksgiving, and kind of last minute, made it so difficult to snag a spot.

Instead, we went ended up going to Mariposa, based on the recommendation of one of Adam’s friends. It was a beautiful and eclectic restaurant. The outdoor area was stunning, the wine was delicious, and the view was even better. The best part? Our hotel provided us with free transportation – so we were allowed to get a bottle of wine at dinner! Woohoo!


There are a lot of other places to go and things to see in Sedona, like the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Palatki Ruins, the Sedona Museum, and Oak Creek Canyon. There are state parks, including Red Rock and Slide Rock State Parks. I could keep going with the list of things to do, but I did state that there were five, so I should probably stick to my word, right?

So, I guess I’ll have to state that the trolley ride sounds like a fun thing to do. You can learn all about Sedona in this hour long ride, which makes it an awesome, fun, and not-too-time-consuming thing to do.

So, who has been to Sedona? Am I missing something from this list of five things to do?



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  1. perfectlyclaudia

    Sedona’s landscape looks amazing, and I love the Antelope Canyon caverns! Such a unique landscape!

    Claudia xo

    • jsmithBlogger

      It really is something! I can’t wait to go back and explore more!

  2. Vicki

    I just love this part of the world!! Glad you had a good trip!!

    • jsmithBlogger

      Thanks! It was so wonderful!

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