Five Things I’m Doing to Take Care of Me

In 2019, I’ve been focusing on me. I’ve been attempting to take care of number one – and I’ve been doing ok with it too. I mean, I’ve had a couple slip ups here and there, but I’m super focused on this, and I think that, because I’m taking it so seriously, it’s really working out! So, here are five things I’m doing to take care of me.

Self-care is so important. In the line of work I’m in, I take care of others constantly. I take care of students, teachers, and support staff – every second of each day. I love what I do but, going in at 7:00 am and then leaving at 5:00 pm wasn’t the best thing for me. By the time I got home I didn’t have time to take care of myself, not after dinner and dishes, showering, and spending time with Charlie (our cat).


I used to leave work around 5:00 – at the earliest! And when I got home, I either lounged on the couch (from being so tired) or did the usual: work from home, cook dinner, shower, go to bed. Ok, here’s where those that read this learn something a little “embarrassing”. I wake up at 5:45 so I go to bed around 9:00. And, if I’m not in bed, I’m falling asleep on the couch.

So, now that I get home earlier, because leaving at 4:00 means far less traffic and a quicker commute, I feel like I have more time to spend on other things I love.

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I’m definitely not a health nut but, ever since I turned 30, I decided to take things seriously. I mean, I did work hard to get where I am now (I was one of the many that gained the freshman fifteen) and know that I need to do something to at least maintain.

However, once I began working out, I noticed a difference. I feel better, am happier, and – to no surprise! – look better. I feel and am stronger. I make better choices when it comes to food – and not out of guilt but out of desire.

At this time, I use the Sweat app. It costs me $120 per year. With that, I receive a variety of workouts that I can do at home, a complete meal prep guide (that I don’t use), and am part of a community of like-minded people. I chose to download and use this app because I won’t leave once I get home. I won’t drive to the gym and, even though there is a large lake near me, I don’t and won’t run.

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Once every three weeks, I get a mani (which occasionally comes with a pedi too) with a friend. This little act of self-care is something that lets me relax and catch up with a friend, all while making me feel beautiful.

Now, I do like to get my hair done, but I’m trying this thing where I’m gonna grow out my dyed locks. I’d like to see what I look like with my natural color; and I’d like to see if my changes at all. Oh and, in the future, if I’m talking about chopping my hair back off, tell me not to.


I love to write (can you tell?) and use a planner as a half-planner, half-journal. I’ve been writing all of the things that I need to remember in it but, for those days when I have nothing planned (which, most often, occurs during the work week), I journal. I might write about what I did that day, share how frustrating or exciting a moment was, or remind myself how I’m doing on my blogging and Instagram goals.

I even purchase stickers and other things to decorate it, especially for when I travel. Right now, I’ve got a few travel-inspired stickers that I’m saving for our first trip together. Right now, it seems like I’ll be in Florida until summer vacation. Adam’s busy at work right now so, even over breaks, we might not make it out of Orlando.

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Adam and I do a lot together: we travel, head to Universal, explore Orlando, and more. Even though we love being around each other (and end up missing each other on Monday), it’s nice to branch out and do things on my own.

I often go to Leu Gardens on my own. I love exploring the gardens, finding new photo spots, and practicing my tripod skills. I also love going to bookstores a lot. I usually stop in the poetry section and sit down with a few books, exploring the minds of other authors.

The latest “solo” thing I’ve done is getting an annual pass to Disney World. Adam does not like Disney so, after much deliberation, I decided that it was okay to add this to my list of solo activities. Ok, I won’t be going alone…just not with Adam.

Nonetheless, all of these things help me to take care of me. Just as I stated before, self-care is so important. I’m happier with who I am, my marriage, my work, and so much more. Do you take care of yourself? If so, what do you do?

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