The spring is the best season. I mean, there are florals, pastel colors, lace, feminine dresses, and shorts. Although spring is kind of short lived in Florida, I’ll still be partaking in some of those fashion week trends. But, no matter what trends come in and out, there are five spring must-haves that will never go out of fashion.

I feel like I alluded to the spring must-haves in the initial paragraph, but that’s ok. I mean, it’s just like Miranda said…florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

We all know that florals are a must-have.

For some, this is a year-round must-have (like me!). But it’s definitely a must for spring. Who doesn’t love running around in a little spring dress and sneaks after a hard, cold winter?

And florals are so versatile. There are large, tropical prints and little, boho prints. Florals can be “toughened up” with a leather jacket or one of those olive, military-style ones.

I love to play up a feminine dress’ femininity by pairing it with some wedges or sandals. Or I’ll pair florals with Converse. I love the way this adds a kind of casual undertone/vibe.

Also, florals, obviously, don’t have to be just dresses. I love floral tanks, shorts, and swimwear as well.

A new bag.

I tend to get a new bag each season. I have a few Kate Spade purses but tend to switch a lot. Therefore, a lot of the bags that I own aren’t designer…although I’m still holding out for Dior, Chanel, or Gucci. A girl can dream, right?

I purchased a new straw bag for our vacations and beach trips. If I didn’t purchase a straw bag, I think I’d be picking up a pastel backpack or a white/cream handbag. One thing I won’t be sporting? That multiple bag trend I saw on the runway…if one of those isn’t carrying my laptop, I’m carrying too much stuff!

In spring, we wear white.

Ok, that was a lame attempt at a “pun” from Mean Girls but I hope some of you got it. Anyway, even though I love winter whites, there’s nothing like wearing white in the spring. White tanks were big on the runway this year and I plan on wearing one too. I think it’d be a great opportunity for me to add in those groundbreaking florals.

I also love wearing white denim, whether it’s a denim jacket on cold spring evenings or white jeans at work. Oh and white dresses too – even though it’s a bit nerve-wracking when I do.

You’ve got a new bag. You’ve gotta get new shoes!

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of sandals for spring. However, I’m also loving all of these Cinderella-inspired heels. I’d love to get my hand on a pair of some sparkled or sequined heels. They’d be beyond perfect for work.

That classic trench.

Oh, there is nothing like that classic trench coat to take you from those chilly spring mornings to those cold spring nights. I love attempting to tie the waist like a bow or some other contraption that I find online (this year, I’ll be trying a rose!). It usually falls out or ends in frustration but I’ve got this this year…I hope.

I’m sure that the aforementioned spring must-haves aren’t on all of your lists. If not, what’s on yours…or what trends are you looking forward to this spring?

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