Five Reasons to Visit Orlando

Orlando is an amazing city. I’ve been here for about four years now, and I’ve grown to love my new home. Although a lot of people already come to visit Orlando (theme parks – duh!), I thought I should put together a local’s suggestions and recommendations. So, without further ado, here are five reasons to visit Orlando.


Forget the food at the theme parks (which can be either delicious or just ok); Orlando has a ton of food options that are sure to keep you coming back for more. A few of our favorites are listed in our post about the best places to grab food. However, there are a ton of other options too.

We’ve got places for those that are vegan. There are options for those that are vegetarian. There are places that specialize in dessert and don’t even get me started on the coffee – it’s soo good!

Ok, I’ll tell you that a couple of my favorite coffee/espresso locations are Foxtail Coffee Co. and Vespr.

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Downtown Orlando is just one of the places I’d head to for a night on the town. Next to Downtown is Thornton Park, which is branded as the downtown for grownups. Winter Park is a wonderful place for a bite to eat and some wine. We have a wine room (I still haven’t been there!) that I keep hearing about.

Disney Springs also has a little bit of a nightlife scene. One of their newest restaurants, The Edison, turns into a bit of a speakeasy on select nights. Adam and I talk about going but haven’t been yet. I feel like it’ll be a great place to go on a double/triple date. Speaking of the theme parks, CityWalk also has some bars and cubs.


Even though I haven’t even been to one of the beaches on the east coast, I do know that it takes a little over an hour to get there. When I lived in Tampa, it took the same amount of time.

We also have various springs around Orlando. Once again, I haven’t been to those either (Adam and I usually go on a big vacation each summer – and spend the rest of the summer working, etc.) but I’ve seen a snap or two from my sister, who graduated from UCF.


Yes, Orlando has tons of springs and all it takes is a quick drive to find some saltwater; but we also have other natural beauties to offer. Orlando has various gardens and lakes to walk around.

Lake Eola, located near Downtown Orlando, is a great place to explore. There are shops and restaurants, great photo spots, and swans/geese. On Sundays, there’s a farmer’s market. Sometimes, Adam and I go just to grab a coconut – they’re so yum!

The Leu Gardens is also a beautiful place to see. There’s also a historical home on the property (I love historical homes, etc.) with quick tours around the little manor.

As a side note, we also have quite a few historical places too, like the history museum and historical neighborhoods. It’s so nice to walk around the brick/cobblestone streets in the morning.

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Ok, I know I stated this obvious reason in the beginning, but theme parks really are a reason to visit Orlando. If you love Disney movies and have never been (or haven’t been since childhood), you really should go back.

And for those that love Harry Potter, there’s no place more magical than Universal Orlando Resort. Adam and I love heading to the theme parks for the morning. It’s such a simple, fun place to be.

I mean, one can’t visit Orlando and not go to a theme park, right?!

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