Five Reasons to Choose Seabourn

Adam and I tend to book one long trip in the summertime. This year, we’re choosing to board an Alaskan cruise. The cruise line that we use (and will continue to use – prob. forever!) is Seabourn. Adam and I booked our previous Seabourn cruise last summer. This cruise went around the Mediterranean and it was sooo beautiful. Obviously, Adam and I loved our first Seabourn cruise, because we’re back at it – and prepped to board the Seabourn Sojourn in late June, which is why I’ll be telling you five reasons to choose Seabourn.

Seabourn is an ultra luxe cruise line that is perfect for those that love luxe travel. Adam and I are consistent with booking through Amex, and when Adam did some research for luxe cruiselines, Seabourn popped up as one of our options. In the end, when compared to our other options, we chose Seabourn. A few of those reasons are: the food options, smaller ships, and better rooms.

Adam and I prefer luxe travel. We book large resorts and beautiful hotels (a lot from the Amex Fine Resorts & Hotels list). Seabourn is definitely a luxury cruise line, with fine food, beautiful rooms, and personal butlers. For those that like personalized service, this line was meant for you.


The first reason for booking Seabourn? The smaller ships. Neither of us likes to be around a ton of people all the time (which is one of the reasons why Rome isn’t our favorite Italian city) and, while aboard Seabourn, it felt like there was no one aboard.

Oftentimes, Adam and I would feel as though we were all alone. We would run into others at the bars and restaurants. However, the pools weren’t crowded, the deck chairs weren’t all taken, and the spa was super still.


All of the rooms aboard your Seabourn ship have balconies. It’s nice, not having to spend extra cash on something as necessary as a balcony. I mean, I don’t know about you but if I’m on a cruise, I need to be able to sit on the balcony and watch the waves. I need to feel the wind and lean back to enjoy private moments.

The rooms also feature the best bathrooms. With a shower, tub, and dual-sink vanity, the bathroom is reminiscent of one in one of our favorite hotels. Oh, and don’t even get be started on the walk-in closet, the dresser, and the little area that I used to put on my makeup and do my hair every morning and evening – my own little make-up vanity!

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Aboard our ship, we were provided personalized service. The staff knew our names, our favorite drinks, and we were welcomed with champagne, along with our other favorite things when we first stepped into our room.

Adam and I were¬†special. Thalita (I still remember our wonderful butler!) was amazing. She helped to ensure our time was spent well. She decorated our suite for Adam’s birthday and then, again, to help us celebrate our honeymoon. Little treats were left in our room, whether from the Seabourn staff or Amex, like chocolate covered strawberries and more champagne.

It was a wonderful experience, being pampered…and I must admit that it’s nice not to be worried or stressed when traveling for so long. I could totally get used to it.


Oh man, I can still remember the chocolate cake. It’s still the absolute best chocolate cake that either of us has had in our life! All of the restaurants were delicious. Adam and I loved ordering breakfast in the room and eating it on our balcony; we’d often eat lunch somewhere in the port, and then return for our three-four course dinner in one of the restaurants.

No matter where we went, the food was amazing. But the Thomas Keller restaurant was our absolute favorite. We got to go twice! Once to celebrate Adam’s birthday and once to celebrate our honeymoon. This restaurant isn’t included in the cost of the cruise, but it’s totally worth the extra cash.



While a lot of things are included in the price of the cruise, including the beautiful rooms, food (other than that Thomas Keller restaurant), and alcohol, I love a lot of the little extras.

What am I talking about? Well, for one, I’m talking about the spa. The gorgeous spa on board the Seabourn cruises are pure luxury. Adam and I opted for a couples massage on the last cruise, but one can also purchase to use the spa for the duration of the trip. This includes a private deck, those stone lounge chairs that are heated, and steam rooms/saunas. I’m a huge steam room gal, so I’d love to have the chance to use it all the time.

The excursions are also amazing, with opportunities to drive inland and see little towns, go exploring in the wilderness by foot or some other cool vehicle (e.g. 4×4, kayak, helicopter), or cook your own meal (and sometimes catch it too!).There are also complimentary water sports that one can enjoy from the back of the boat, including one of those banana boat floaties and more.


Overall, I have to admit that Seabourn has something that loads of other cruise ships don’t have. It’s got that, almost exclusive, club-like atmosphere. The way that the staff interacts with you on board makes you feel like you’re a part of something private, something that few others can be a part of.

Yes, the food, rooms, small atmostphere, and extras are amazing; but there’s nothing like walking around on board, encountering person after person (staff) that know you…know your name, your reason for being on board, and your favorite things. Yeah, I’d say the main and best reason to choose Seabourn is the service.

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