five reasons i love the amalfi coast

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The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful destinations I’ve been to. The waters are so blue, the food is delicious, and the views are so scenic. Although we just visited Amalfi on our summer trip abroad, I’ve been here before; and here are five reasons I love the Amalfi Coast.


There’s so much to learn. Amalfi, which is, of course, the city that gives the Amalfi Coast its namesake, is famous for having Saint Andrew’s remains. And next door, there’s the Cloister del Paradiso, which used to hold the sarcophagi of the nobles. One of the things that I remember the most? – the terrifyingly loud bell that chimed right as we began ascending the staircase of the famous cathedral. Birds flew everywhere. I almost dropped my phone. Adam laughed at me.

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the cathedral, and I couldn’t go in with shorts and a tank, so I got Adam to sneak a few shots of me in front of the famous bronze doors. As the woman came up to stop us, I tried to look casually away from her, like I was allowed to be there. Plus, isn’t this what bloggers do all the time?


The small, town charm. I’m not going to lie; I fell in love with Amalfi and I’ve fallen in love with each of the places I’ve been to along the Amalfi Coast, including Capri (and the Blue Grotto) and Sorrento. The pastel colored buildings, blue waters, and small town atmosphere ALWAYS has me giving major love eyes.

Wandering the streets is so fun; one could get lost, searching for a place up high, a place for that perfect, Amalfi view. And that’s most of the fun.

In Amalfi, Adam and I tried to get to the top…but we took too many wrong turns and ended up being wary of getting lost. So we turned back around and took the safe route, along the shore.


The spectacular views. It was down along the coast where we saw the most incredible views. Not going to lie, this was the first time I’d tried to get blog photos, so I was a bit afraid to test out different poses or get new shots. I think if I went back, I’d do better. But still, even though the shots we got weren’t what I’d envisioned when I’d tendered to shore that morning, it still captures the essence of what the Amalfi Coast has to offer – spectacular views.


The beaches. Even though Adam and I didn’t have time to lounge on the beach (since we were in Amalfi for about eight hours…and we didn’t get off the boat right away), I loved spending time on the beaches in Sorrento.

To be honest, all I can remember about Capri now is the Blue Grotto. Mom, Mara? Are you reading these? If so, did we go to the beach in Capri?

Nonetheless, there are endless places to catch a tan along the Amalfi Coast, even if it’s on a boat in the middle of those beautiful blue waters.


There are ALWAYS more places along the Amalfi to see and explore. I know that tons of bloggers visit Positano but, for those traveling to the Amalfi Coast, I wouldn’t skip Amalfi. It’s charming, hillside homes are just as spectacular as some of the other popular Amalfi Coast destinations. FYI, for those that are heading to picturesque Positano, Amalfi isn’t far away; and it would be the perfect day trip.

So how many of you have been to the Amalfi Coast? Which cities have you visited? And, for those that haven’t been, which cities are on your bucket list?

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