five reasons i’ve committed to a capsule wardrobe

Well, I guess it would happen at some point, but it’s official now. I pulled out the bags, chose a color palette, shifted things around, and ended up with about 40 clothing items (not including bags or shoes). It was tough, the process in and of itself, but I stuck with it.

It’s been about a week and I haven’t given up, which is kind of shocking (not going to lie), and I’m pleased with the progress so far. Once I get rid of the bags for labeled for donation and go through and iron the wrinkled pieces (I’m the woman that will ONLY pull items out that’ve been ironed), it’ll truly begin.

But no one is here to see how I’ve managed with the capsule wardrobe. You’re here to read about the five reasons I’ve committed to a capsule wardrobe. So, here they are:

1. It gives my Rent the Runway subscription more purpose.

I’ve been renting items for a few months and have to admit that I absolutely love it. It was probably the best thing I’ve done in a while. I get the experience of the ever-rotating wardrobe that lots of bloggers appear to have without spending all of the cash. Now that I have a color palette, I am purposeful with what I choose, making the selection process (in RtR’s giant closet!) far easier.

2. Small closets work better with less clothes.

I have a very small closet and it has been looking much better after the disappearance of some extraneous items. There’s something special about having space between hangers. No clothes get stuck in that in-between-but-kind-of-behind state that happens with cluttered hangers. Now that there’s space, I don’t struggle to search through items and I’ve got a clear picture of my options.

3. I don’t waste cash on clothes I won’t wear.

Ever purchased an item that doesn’t seem to work with the other things in your closet? Yeah, me too. Well, with the color palette that I’ve chosen, there isn’t much of a chance of this happening.

All of the colors I’ve chosen work well together. I’ve got black, white, beige, navy, camel, blush, red, grey, and dark green. While I don’t wear navy and black together, it doesn’t look bad. I do think that, at some point, I’ll narrow the color palette down. But, for now, this will work.

4. I have to get creative.

Now that I’ve got less items to choose from, I have to get creative with the outfits I wear. I can’t always grab a pair of jeans and a shirt now. I’ve got to experiment, switching things around to make different combinations. I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time and now I have no choice.

Hey, sometimes that’s the only way to do things (kind of like that time I was in the line to get on The Hulk…I had no choice but to ride it).

5. It takes me less time to get dressed.

I have to be at work at 7:30. This means I wake up before the sun, which isn’t fun – believe me. I’ve begun to wear less and less makeup, which I’m beginning to love, and am noticing that it takes me a shorter amount of time to figure things out. I love the idea that having less items to choose from makes getting dressed easier. I never thought it would work but it’s been going great.

Soon enough, I’ll have a smaller color palette and less items (down to the desired capsule wardrobe size of 33 items) and I’ll be sharing ways to ensure that you don’t spend those months looking like a – gasp! – outfit repeater.

So, who out there has considered a capsule wardrobe? Who has one? And who’s afraid to even consider it?

Let me know – comment below!

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